Courage Is Knocking: Open Your Door

By Chukwuma Osondu

Are the numbers of courageous men and women so few in the world?


But are they many?
Perhaps along in history they seem to be many.  But in a time, they may be few.
How do you find them?
Do not go far to search for them. They may be closer than you think.
Just pause. Reflect and you see them.
It could be your parents. Some men and women so ordinary have shown courage. Lone voices in small and large groups  have inspired it. All those who stand up for their convictions especially for what is right in the face of a crowd saying a chorus, “o yes men”.
Are you tripped by your circumstances that courage becomes a chance quality in you?
Or are you groomed by new cultural sensibilities that courage is no choice in your life anymore?
Have you been bullied so much that courage de-mist so easily in your heart?
What used to be a lion heart now cowers to do anything  indecent, beneath human dignity and probably offend your inner self and your maker? And you lost that power to say no when it matters most!
Remember that courage is the ability to do that good thing which frightens you. “Strength in the face of pain and grief.”
Courage goes after a lion with bare hands. Before getting to the lion a high calibre gun is now available to bring it down. It urges you to go ahead, that you can. You have a backing unknown more than yourself.
But what about many good things you have thought of without doing? Do you still have that long list? When you find it, you ruefully say if  I were courageous.Those days, weeks, months and years are gone and the list is still in front of you right away without action. Where is courage?
Has your situation become a journey in imaginary forest of many demons?  Bush filled with thorns and thistles; where you hear whistles and terrifying echoes that swells your head, telling you to go back, diminishing your manhood? Whereas the answer and glory is just at your feet. And those echoes limiting you are only in your head! Does it surprise you? Many are daily groping in this forest because they have lost courage. Are you among them? Do not be.
Are you now going to pick courage with both hands? Teach the young that courage is a daily  diet? Do so today and always.
Open your door for courage to enter.
 Be courageous and strong.


  1. Another fine and exciting piece on Courage. To say the least, it is very inspiring and it touches your sensitivities. Certainly a good one. Well Done!

  2. Thank you sir!

    Awesome piece. A must read at this time with so many choices that should never have been there at all. A world increasingly filled with “strong” men with weak hearts making unbelievably self-destructive decisions. A world in which everything has become right when everything has gone wrong. And the “good” men lack the will power to stay different.