The word success has caused a lot of disquiet for young persons even the old. Has the thought of not being successful ever crossed your mind?

The violence the word success inflects on some young hearts is much. A word ever cherished by many but remains ever a present danger.

Our teacher Mrs Jean Floyd had warned us those days at school that we should be careful with words that are ‘verbal obstacles to clarity’. Success seems to be one of such a word not just in writing but in real life. It creates shadow chasing and magnifies itself to an industry across the world.

Some writers admit to this confusion hence you read expressions such as the ‘true north’ concept, ’ladder at the right place’ ‘real success’, ‘total success’ and other qualifications.

Admittedly, this assumption present multi-dimensional nature of success. We hear of a successful business man, yet with no success in his family. A brilliant academic, who is said not to be successful. Writer who won prizes, but is said not be a successful writer. Plus and minus, you will say. But that is success glowing!

What has happened to success counters?

Some perspectives, not prescriptive really do broach it. In the same way we offer a line of thought.

Depending on where you live, when you try out some things without desired result you are likely to pander to the idea of being unsuccessful. When tryouts fail, and are known to some, this could attract uncomplimentary remarks even unkind words. Often this tends to take you a step lower in your evaluation. Altitudinal downgrade!

In some societies, something else may even be ascribed to such limited success. You may be induced to submit to this conclusion that you are not successful. You may not be right.

Perhaps, it may be instructive to bring your mind to this. You have a counting device with capacity to adjust when incorrect data is added. You have been counting and suddenly you input incorrect data. You adjust immediately, probably delete the wrong data and continue counting. The incorrect input did not invalidate series of data already in place because of the capacity to adjust. Series of data already in place! What do you call it?

You have the ability and capacity to do more than a device.

Remember the long list of input are successes on their own. They are additions that build to what you may call ultimate success.

Here counting ability and capacity for adjustment become what you need.

In everyday language, we say count your blessings.

Success is made up of small and big ones. We may fail to count the small that ultimately lead to what some perceive as the big one. The advice in success counters is to learn how to count.

Some count success exponentially. They leave the little dots that adjust outcomes in mathematics, music, internet as in various things of life.

Would you rather learn how to count your success dots.

This advice is not new. It is old and ever new for those disposed to count. Learn how to count. Start now.

You have the ability and capacity to count, review and adjust your success counters. Some things perceived to be generally correct have sometimes been found to be incorrect. Time and new knowledge can intervene, propose a test and disqualify them.

Imposed values can distort your ability and capacity to count and adjust. So what is your value and from what source?

As there are many dots in success. Learn how to count it. Don’t forget to count it with tenacity. Right values will help you to see them clearly as you begin to count your success dots.

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