Poetry – Lighthouse



          By Chukwuma Osondu
Lighthouse is hope harbinger
Incandescence to life amidst fear and threat
It is hope restorer
In normal times it’s merely a reference
In turbulence a bridge to life
Every inch, minute struggle towards the lighthouse reassures
How many in the voyages of men
Dark lighthouse producing darkness, despair
Abandoned lighthouse bereft of any good
Existing merely in name
Unreachable lighthouse on cliffs
Trust in a lighthouse then becomes a chimera
In life voyage, restless sea
Long darken nights
When there is turbulence in tranquility 
Cold winter snowing multiple snow flakes
Presenting beauty in hurdles and encumbrances
Your lighthouse can make the difference
When voyage illuminating elements,
Fresnel lens dim, Foghorn candelas fail
Satellites malfunction 
Everyman is now a watch on watch
Turbulence tension and anxiety rule the waves 
Mariners in despair
Elmo fire is  said to emerge
Amidst overwhelming darkness 
My lighthouse will spring light delight 
Jehovah God is my great lighthouse 
Technology may fail
Financial systems collapse disappear
Hope diminish, vanish
Old lighthouses fail woefully
Show no light and become unusable
My everlasting lighthouse remains
My God of unceasing light 
The sun is permanent
Stable assurance of his unceasing light
Assured light in times of turbulence