Use Your Power of Creativity And Innovation


Use Your Power of Creativity And Innovation

Every day brings something new. Sounds ordinary but it is a constant.
Open your eyes and see that something new or different will  always come on board.
Spare a time to analyze this yourself.
Renew the power  of this understanding. Turn it to many pages of  unwritten book on creativity that leads to innovation, It could open or widen your road to creativity.
Would you power your creative strength with this underlying thought so profound?
Thought  of creativity may  also derive from obsolescence of things. Man’s preoccupation with newness is greatly stamped in his mind, subsisting and giving force by his changing experience.
Are you a student, employee, business owner, artisan, unemployed, teacher, driver, scientist,  a living person.
Don’t go far thinking about the new  car designs,computers and smart devices coming out from the stables of companies.
Have you ever failed a test, examination, under performed even in your own evaluation? Have you failed in  any business endeavor?
Many factors might have been responsible. Disregarding these under performances, have you started to think there could have been another way it could have been done? Thinking anew, ways and means to it. That is fine.
Starting with yourself is the right  thing to do. The seat of creativity is in your mind. Do you engage in one activity every day and continue to do it same way day in day out? What spheres of activity are you now engaged? How are you going about the business. Same way, same thing, same time. Same people.
Same plus same equals same. It is  a dismal equation in improvement journey!
One thinker sees it is madness if one goes about doing things this way. Perhaps you think differently. It is part of the subject.
We are told that doing one thing repeatedly is consistency. Also, doing it same way without thinking will surely lead to monotony, sometimes boredom.
It means that creativity starts from within. A little time  spent reflecting can bring changes  in your world and perhaps make you happy. Don’t say let them think and let us act. Its implications is you withdrawing the leadership in you and every man to be creative.
Your thinking is the seat to creativity.
Creativity for what purpose?
Imagine if all the cars  you see on the road are just one brand, house designs, televisions, smart phones are the same. Ugly, you would say. Have you noticed the result of creativity in almost every aspect of life.  Does this set you thinking?
Creativity brings innovation or change and in many cases improvement. Improvement enhances life. You make money from little improvement. Think  about the revolution and money from little thinking on unwired telephone  and shift to personal computer. Trees saved by soft copies of documents.
 Many years ago, some thought of and say that paperless office is coming. It was like idle thinking. Zany you will say. Today many offices in the world operate  a paperless office. Little thinking and action leading to innovation
Now begin to identify those seemingly static things in you life. Your thinking, behavior, working style, living, education, production, that need creativity sprinklings.
As your thought threads through them, the process of creativity could ensue. The outcome will  surprise you with some innovations, it’s pleasantness.
We all have the capacity to be creative.
But if we shut our minds, divorce ourselves from observations, then creativity that leads to innovation will likely be shortchanged.
You have the capacity,
You  are already doing it in small ways but you can do it better for your good. Many beautiful things will follow just as every day brings something new. Be creative today and always.
                             “If  you shut your mind, divorce yourself from observations, then creativity that leads to innovations will likely be short-changed”


  1. I enjoyed this article on the Power of Creativity and Innovation. It’s a beautiful that gets one immediately thinking.