By Chukwuma Osondu

Do you remember that “A matter well discussed is like a song well-rehearsed?”

That “An alert animal does not easily get entrapped.”

“The day a swimmer boasts that he knows it all, may just be the day he will go under”

That “Speed and crash goes together.” Do you say they are close neighbors? If you do, you are only echoing it in a tongue – gidi  gidi nada yi.

Aptly, these expressions imply insight, safety consciousness and care. The import of these words derives from thoughts, delivering deeper meaning and insight. Even if these words are put differently in other languages they may imply similar meaning.

From experience, it seems that insight is a rare quality. We seem to be endowed with this ability but applying it is not easy and common. Little wonder you hear of those said to have the gift of insight.

Some have asked whether this quality is purely a function of experience. Reflections tend to indicate otherwise. Have you not seen a young person with insight and a much older person showing a lack?

Does secular education give insight? Sometimes, it does, but there are many with secular education that score low here. When they talk, or take action, you discern insight operating elsewhere or on recess!

Is family upbringing and genetics having a hand in it as endowment? We would not dabble into this. But it is known that family upbringing can pull or put one towards a way of reasoning and behavior. It is not doubtful that training can predispose one toward a pattern of thinking and behavior too.

Can we then say without being dogmatic that insight draws from many streams before channeling into the sea?

Insight has to do with actively digging through a matter, peering the whole from the beginning to the end. It is seeing beyond the surface relationships. It may not claim a-know-it-all, but it helps to develop the knack for more, beyond words, platitudes and actions. Such burrowing – digging, partly done from knowledge and experience makes it indispensable for survival and success.

Are there more incentives to harness this quality?  Yes.

Insight tells you that things are not always as exactly as they looked. Open your mind and eyes, it urges you.

It holds out a meaning greater than the normal runs of everyday life.

Insight has a relationship with wisdom.

We are happy to act wisely.

It is a negotiating tool.

Insight can affect discussions, relationships, and actions.

Insight creates success stories.

It takes you to the top because you can see what your peers or others cannot see.

It mitigates disasters and save lives.

It is a good check against excesses.

Personal and youthful safety are minded.

Helps develop a level of coordinates that put in place outcome and consequences rather than fatalistic “nothing can happen”, or “it is written.”

Does not create fear, muffle or thwart quest to achievement.

It stretches the mind hence not a psychological clog or clutch to laziness.

It is result oriented, an advance and not thinking in circles.

There are many areas of our lives that lack of insight is causing a harm.

Can someone help shout from roof tops so that insight can come down to our roads?

Do you live in areas where drivers particularly young ones seem to do without insight? It appears they have unconsciously given their minds to their vehicles, turning them to giant killers on our roads.

A tourist once asked a driver: If the law sleeps on wheels in your country, should you do likewise?

Every day, a look at police stations forces a gape at carcasses of vehicles, some mangled with remnants of belongings of occupants. It gets one moody and awakens pains. Thoughts on the recession of insight on our lives comes alive again.

Naturally you are pressed to ask if it a question of automation or the diminution of brain and its resultant eclipse of insight? I think it is more of the latter.

The carnage on our roads worsen by lack of insight should primarily occupy our youths who have not used their lives to the full. They say the future belongs to them, but it is only for the living and not those who out of lack of insight abort their future.

Insight should be developed. Don’t get it crippled by bandwagon journeys. Review your actions and ask how much insight does it reflect on daily basis. Insight should not go on break or holiday even for a minute. It does not need a rest while you are alive. Let it retain its rightful place in your life.

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