Chukwuma Osondu

Some situation can trigger hopelessness in human affairs.

Ugly experiences coming in toe could ignite it.

Often, wild forecast  in politics, economics and environment inundate our living spaces diminishing hope.

Institutions traditionally known as dispensers of hope these days only trail behind. Having lost their status and bearing to give hope, what is left is like toxic leaks polluting our minds.

Despite this low, you have a responsibility to turn on  your hope even when these supposed lighthouses fail.

Hope is life, it is alive.

Hope assures. It endures and can take you through and over to the glorious.

Hope creates new pictures, expand possibilities that can erase hopelessness to enable  you accept and utilize universal good known as change.

We often think in pictures. Both in the short and long run. When you diminish the good pictures of your mind, ugly ones could expand and occupy existing space. It can swallow all the good.

Hope helps you to reject the pressure to accept the bad pictures. So when hopelessness snares, please ask yourself: what kind of pictures are you thinking – looking at things now and the future?

Hope is expanded possibilities.

 It comes from the universal that evening must come at the end of the day. After the night comes morning. It is a constant that we must etch in our lives as we face instabilities  of the world.

Hope is history and reflections.

 Both restate that no condition is permanent. They are good pills against hopelessness. They ask you: Where are the Depression of the 1920/30s, Oil crises of 1970s, Global stock crashes and economic meltdown that leaped from 2008 to the end of the first decade of 2000. Recent Ebola outbreak in Africa. They come and go and mankind are still here forging ahead through hope.

It is purposeful then to think and see yourself maneuvering towards the right state of existence rather than to the odds That is hope. It does it silently for you.

Hope is a struggle we should all embrace for good. Its assurance endures as it deploys other arsenals for your success.

When hopelessness stares at you, quickly embrace hope. It is stronger, it is spiritual  and endures.

Keep hope alive. Rekindle yours if it is diminishing. It is a duty you owe yourself and every one.

          “Hope even when supposed lighthouses fail”

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