Observe The Pattern And Sequence


                              OBSERVE THE


It is early November. Mild heat, heavy rainfall and wind.

There is no storm lasting 15 minutes here. Weather records reveal no hurricane in West Africa. But it slightly hit Cape Verde some decades ago. Is that why hurricane has no real African names?

 Not really.

But how do they measure it in scales?


My friend Captain Sievers would say

 “There is no storm here”

  “What you have is storm in a tea cup”

 “How much can it be?”

He appeals;

 “Accompany me to the North Sea and see storm”

“There you will understand the “pattern and sequence of storm”

Do I really need to sail with him to the North Sea to learn the pattern and sequence of storm?

What can youths pick out of this?

Everywhere you go, do you see a pattern and sequence? Efforts to innovate, beautify and give a meaning to the same thing – pattern and sequence.

Can you read between the lines?

The professor’s book on “the Great Disruptions” – analyze pattern and sequence. How it has altered?

On the rise, too is the rave “think outside the box”

It means the box is the pattern. But you have to know the pattern and sequence before you can think outside it.


Some look for pattern and sequence in history puzzle. There is a school of thought in history that this notion consumes – ” it eats their yams” as we say in local parlance. They say it is the means of explaining historical events. Others argue differently.

Economic boom, recession, depression on one hand or on the other hand means pattern and sequence.

Some experts say that to make a big catch in stock market you have to study “the cycles” – pattern and sequence.

 Policing and crime management is a study of what it was, before the current situation – pattern and sequence.

Military strategy, business, politics, diplomacy revolves on pattern and sequence.

 The list is endless.

As a youth, what is your business with the pattern and sequence?

It is the beginning of things. You have to get hold of this fundamental pattern. How it comes to be.  Of life, order and how to exceed the lines. It opens your mind and eyes. It leaves you with a foundation and solution.

Some call it law. Call it what you like. It is pattern and sequence.

Radicals encourage you not to enslave yourself by thinking in pattern and sequence.

Leave the radical schools alone.

Our people say “it is not new seeing herdsmen and arrow” Even though they now hold their arrows with a gun, they are herdsmen not engineers.

Alteration has not changed the basic- pattern and sequence.

 It is not a conservative thought. Many leave it in their thinking.

Share a thought on pattern and sequence in nature and life. Advance your mind.

You will end up not as ordinary man or woman.

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  1. Truly there is no stom here what we hv here is leadership stom. Our leaders are so selfish that they only care n think of themselves @ the expense of others .the problems we are facing today like unemployment and insecurity are product of bad leadership.