Waiting. Do you get angry with the word? What  about waiting in itself. Does it ruffle you so much that you should wait?
Sometimes we do  some things every day yet we say we hate them. Some of these things we do often unconsciously. Because of its regularity, these have become part of daily living.
You wait at bus stop. Wait to have your turn with a health care professional. You wait for the day to break. Wait for natural seasons of rain and dry to come. Like others we wait in many T-junctions of life.
A sensible driver waits even if a little on a road T-junction. It is reasonable and wise.
In all these you wait. Even though you may complain, still, you wait because you cannot force it for obvious reasons. Your haste is naturally checked.
But now what happens in other situations of life where you should wait?You complain. You make a lot of hollers. You say regrettable words. You make nerve fry because you have chosen to forget that waiting is normal part of living.
When you fail to understand this natural flow and rhythm you miss out on many good things.
There is power in waiting. Exploit it for your good.
        “We wait at many T- junctions of life”