Imagine you are passing by an artist shop. You notice his work on a bright sheet board. Captured are word engravings with colorful shapes as if arranged for kindergarten. From a distance, you gaze as one searching for a name in a result sheet.

Encouraging words emerging from the board are hope, courage and success. Still, on this mosaic are wisdom, goal, focus, achievement and similar titles dotting it over. Your spirit is lifted.

There is another board on the left showing a road winding down through uncharted slope. On its sidelines are other set of words.

Thrown to relief are despondent, distress, calamity, disasters, defeat, and death. Indeed, ‘confusing temperature words’ giving a feel you are in a dip.

These and similar words shoot images that can pierce the heart and swell the head. Foreboding is their ally. Dispirited is routine.

For some, reaction to the above will be to look at the positive words that conjure up encouraging images. However, curiosity could impel others to look at the left side board more closely, perhaps, for a meaning.

Certainly, subtle thought subdued by this coarse word imagery could gradually raise questions, ignite fear and stress. Depending on age and exposure, it could smear the mind with anxiety or harden it. Among the young, it could terrify, lowering their spirit. Open invitation to confusion may not be too far away.

Reasonably, negative words are not first choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner if worthy at all for serving.

The challenge may not be with the words per se, but what information is conveyed and utilized from them. What purpose is intended? Is it for awareness? Does it contain warnings? Fine.

Even so, when you revolve around negatives, it could erode, causing tripping and damage. Is it not said that ‘like attracts like?” In your personal experience, you can affirm that positive thoughts and actions refill, seal gaps and void of life.

But choice is an open door.

Would you not prefer dwelling on the positives? It will help combat negatives from having dominance over you. Negatives words are not natural stronghold for power and strength.

When at odds, it is not negative words that beckon a refill. Dwelling on them usually fail to work outstandingly. Negatives can call, often, in distress, but does no real job on hand. Positive words muster.

Now, are you summoned to aspire and align with positive words that refill?

Or do you have arguments on the contrary? But, that may end up merely as a walk to another dark alley.

In life, flows are easily seen.

Swimming against the tide is praised and implied when the purpose is of a higher value, of course, something that will refill positively.

So long as we are subject to the wear and tear of life, propped by self, the environment and many forces, we need positive refill. Positive words and actions that refill is likely to put you in tune and aglow.

In my years of practice, I have seen young applicants dejected by negatives words thrown at them by would be employers. Some will imbibe it and rue over them and assume it is the way it goes. Some bosses in these days of job scarcity have made it look like a professional doctrine to splash negatives at every opportunity. New human resources practice in some clime seem to relish in this by the way they recruit and sack. Can we spare a thought on this downward spiral being taken as normal?

Now, pause, which of the two work of art hanging out there would you relate with more often as you go?

Is it not smart to go with the one that refills?

A rewarding choice you’ll say.