Limits In Words


We think all of us need words that lend to greater dignity in a world filled with distressing words. We have to make a choice of what we say or write. It is a great responsibility to express ourselves, even in what we think largely as personal opinion. It could go way off without knowing because of various influences.

It is for this and other reasons we encourage you to mind what you say. Some may debate forever their right to say it the way they like it. But take caution if only not to deliberately harm others. My folks used to say that the person who boasts that he can say anything at any time, should as well say he caused the death of the emperor’s only son as mourners take it for burial. He will soon learn limits in words and time of its usage.

There are limits even when you are saying the right thing. Some say that the best control is the one you give yourself. Think positive.  Keep your focus. Work hard to give the best. That is how we see things at today.