Could you imagine life without addition?

It has been said that life is addition and addition is life.

There could be more to this simple line. Your age, thinking, location, religion, education and world view can touch your meaning.

 In simple, straight forward manner, addition could mean having more than what it was originally. It could imply effort to add to what is on hand. Nowadays, in the ‘wish world’ of some youths and adults, it has also been associated with the desire to have more without effort or work.

In the ‘wish world’ of addition without effort, my old economic history teacher would simply describe it as ‘drizzle of illusion’. In his unique way, he would emphasize that additions are product of effort. Efforts lead to what he calls “capital acchumulation” – accumulation. By the same token, some have  defined capitalism as “adding to what you have” Obviously, conscious effort contributes to addition – plus.

Clearly, the word addition remains open ended. But for now let us delve into the primary understanding to see how it could help us to leap forward at this time.

Many of us can remember with fondness one of the easiest things we used to do at primary school. We count numbers from 1 to 100. Thereafter, addition or plus was the next exercise. It was simple, especially as it was away from the abstract. With counting materials, it was easy ride to total sum.  Being at the stage of school and education when complex calculations were out of the way, it was enjoyable. However, as multiplication, a family member of addition comes along, confusion begins. It only clears somehow after reading ‘Times Table’ loud many times, memorizing it and imbibing some whys in arithmetic. Yet addition – ‘plus, plus,plus’ remains a comfortable thing at school for many of us.

With this clue, we move to the world of adults and production. It is trite to say that the world of goods and services is primarily concerned with market and production. Individuals that cannot produce are likely to be like nations that cannot produce. It tends to make them dependents. They could remain so till they change their attitude and other things that get their systems bogged down.

We also know that production these days goes beyond factory production. Ideas and activities are forms of production. However, whether yours is in production of tangible goods or ideas, it should sit on the law of addition. Addition – plus, plus, plus is simple, interesting and encouraging. It tends to follow you as a youth or adult, individual or nation.

Apposite to ask each time in the life of a youth.  What are your new addition? It is common place to wish for addition without concrete effort or work. Some call it wishful thinking. Others call it blessing. Don’t ask me the appropriate name. That is not the goal. Ours is to stimulate our young ones to ideas that can lead them to something greater than the thought on this piece.

What addition are you going to work on before you choose appropriate tag that suits your leanings?

Remember that life is about addition. In what ways are you going to make the law of addition expressed here work well for you. Start now to work for it before time snaps or gradually goes away. Life is made rich by addition. Addition is a law in life. Define your addition so that you can work towards it to gain the plus, plus,plus.

A thought. Young men and women should work at owing a product – idea, material or activity. In this way, you can have additions. Where is your market? Think through this.

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