“In our generation, everybody is a photographer” Provided you can acquire a good smartphone. So, what kind of latest smartphone have you? Is the camera great? How many pixels? No doubt, it has a zoom. Can it focus like a professional camera?

Please, leave your latest smartphone now for a different trip on focus.

Your mind and your eyes create 3D vision. It gives you the ability to see the distance, depth and details of your focus.

Why do you need to focus?

Because you have to reach your goal.

Reaching your goal will make you happy. It reassures you that next time you can make it. You can even outperform yourself. Indeed, a confidence booster for you.

Like known 3D vision, there is another 3D implicit in focus. These are not all positives. They are Determination. Distraction and Destroyers.

Your mind is very Important to focus well. Your determination to remain focused means you should be steady. Shaking at turns may likely produce a blurred picture. So, keep your hand steady looking straight at your goal like the proverbial hands on the plough.

Some lessons about focus come from the understanding that there are many distractions.

Internal and external distractions could undermine your focus. Internal disharmony and uncertainties can generate distractions. Acquired and ingrained habits can make you lose your focus.

Environmental distractions are more these days. Association and friends with warp values could distorts clear lens of your focus.

Have you purchased from the outset your ear mask to insulate you from all kinds of noise? Think through the kind of noise around you right now that intensifies your distractions, be determined to remove it or move away from it.

Destroyers of focus are many. Not all can be itemized. But ask yourself: what is proving to be my focus destroyer? Clearly isolate them. Throw them off your focus. Re-kit the lens of your mind’s camera to remain focused in order to reach your goal.