GOOD TOOL OF LIFE

Good habits. Useful habits. Bad habits.  Do you say habits are habits?

Some tell you not to worry or qualify habits because it brings individual value judgement. Don’t moralize is the word. They want you to stand aloof. See no evil, hear no evil. They are not blind. But is that not bland?

 Over time it seems obvious that good habit helps you. But is it really obvious to everyone? Indications that some habits can help you to live well need to be stated again and again as bad habits, old and new come on and fester.

 This sound-out is for both the young and old.

Some habits subtly undermine you as it gets ingrained, producing results you disagree with, you battle and wish you could do without.

You begin to see clearly that qualification efforts are indeed necessary not only to ascertain and keep good habits but to kick bad habits away.

So, don’t be converted to unhelpful thinking of your peers in the same habit truck. Remember we agreed to keep moving in the positive direction.

You should not straddle on the fence on issues like this, gyrating around unedifying arguments. Behaving like the proverbial ostrich on matters of real value to life and humanity. Honesty I say has its true color not grey. It is the same as stating things clearly not hiding behind the relativist ‘ is neither here nor there’ that is confusing and consuming many of our youth.

A constant in habit is frequency, regularity, say practice.

It has a starting date

It is sometimes subtle, a bit difficult at the outset (for good habit)

It can be distributed or sold to unwary buyers.

Could be a deceptive associate that is adamant to leave when you are already in a fix.

Good ones are life’s tools

Bad ones are like a slippery slop.

It could improve, stagnate or destroy promising person or good life.

Habits can be broken.

Countless men and women have skillfully used some habits to their own good.

Others have broken bad ones and help others to see that it is possible.

Do you call it double edged sword? It could be but it depends on you. You can make a choice on how to hold and use it.

Now, you are surely in the core of it – the vortex of the issue.

Please make an inventory of your good and useful habits.

What can help you develop and sustain good ones?

What about the bad? Are there some dealing hard on you right now?

Make a list.

When was the starting date?

You can remember it. Where and how and what has helped it to fester.

What is your new strategy to develop good ones, sustain it and decidedly deal with the bad?

Remember our 3Ds – Development, Depletion and Damage. Perhaps, it can be the synthesis to analyze your habits.

If it can bring a bit of desired change, that is great. Congratulate yourself.

Positively continue using life’s tool of good habits.

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