Goal is one of the mostly discussed topics in business and motivation literature yet mostly not remembered and applied.

Often in our minds but every day neatly tucked away to the rare until there are many inward queries.

Why set a goal or goals.?

It gives you a target.

Talk about soccer – football game. Envision scoring a goal. Think about all that are deployed towards reaching the goal.

Goal enables you to muster, attract the physical, material, environmental, spiritual and other resources to reach your goal.

It provides you purposeful, measurable, progressive mindset. Goals are hardly circular because it derives from purposeful idea (teleology) of the world.

Goals when written are great because it clearly set out important details useful in periodic review and evaluation.

Goal can be one and many. It could be reviewed or modified.

Some know very well some of the above but others don’t.

Why do many of us who know not set goals?

Poor orientation over many years which becomes a habit.

Yet, a lot of persons do set goals.

Many things distract individuals from their goals.

Some tell you confidently we know our goal. We know where we are headed. But along the line you see many things that tell the story – there was no goal in the first place. But a gamble!  Even where there was one and something goes wrong much needed attention was not given – review. Here sticking to your goal becomes important.

Goals are not simply billboards of advertisement that are placed for others to see. It is reasonable for goals to be written but not just as an insignia.

As a young person in school do you have a goal? Are you a student who believes that any grade is a grade? That any score at school does not matter, anything goes. It could matter at a time in your pursuits.  Moreover, something need to tell you that you are moving in the defined direction. This will also boost your confidence. It reassures that you are inching to your goal. Goal can enhance your resolve.

In my interaction with young persons while reviewing their credentials for employment, some have stated that they would have done better at school had they put to heart setting of goals and working towards it. Never too late is ever useful when you start, not when you defer. As we always say, if you begin today and ceaselessly work towards a defined achievable goal, you can arrive and make a difference. The difference makes the unique young man or woman.

Set your goals today.

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