Great a thought to see the beauty and unity of beginning and end – the back page in planning.

Planning is usually taken for granted. We think of the beginning and end but sometimes don’t realize how robust the end or back page can be.

Do you observe that in the past publishers are enamored by putting the content page of their books only in the opening pages of their work?

Gradually, new thinking and innovation nudged them to something different. You can now find some content pages at the back of books, brochures and pamphlets.

But this is what some newspaper editors and advertisers knew many years ago, the rate of the back page is almost equal value as the front page in popular advertising practice.

But why do editors and publishers not apply this thinking to content page placement at the back of books, brochures and some magazines until recently?

Many answers, justification is likely to ring with this change now in vogue. But we leave it there for you to ponder over its relationship with planning.

Without further inquiry, it looks as if there are other underpinnings beyond this. At the end of the book, the back pages so to speak, are likely to attract reviews, comments, observation, criticism and inference to the entire book. A continuation with the thoughts from the beginning. Some have learn to see beyond front pages.

You can now see the eternal relationship of beginning and end. It also highlights the subject of planning being worthy of constant thought.

In everyday language planning comes with a lot of good.

It creates order.

While not listing other accounting attributes and profile, it is useful to think of order, perhaps, peace it could bring to your life.

Order some say is spiritual and one in a tripod on which society is laid. If the society a hotchpotch can make some sense of order and peace what about you – solo, you?

We can hardly see too far even with the best of scenario building and the best of intentions. We need to make accommodation both in thought and deed. This allowance is an indication of broad based thinking that enables you to be proactive rather than reactive.

Some planning models have not survived vagaries of our time. It implies that if possible multiple approach that is consistent with your value can work out things differently. In that case, how many are you aware of out there? You do not need to be an expert.  Think, search, and learn how to plan now.

The interest of this work has been on empowerment of our youths. Would youths then reflect and bring the dictum of front and back page planning to their thinking today? It is hoped, this would bring their minds to the necessity of planning, while giving equal value to the end. Think about front page and back page content planning, the ripples on order and peace.

The year has just started. The year also starts every day. Plan today.

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