Youths Talk Converse


“The world is now closer.”

Your friend disagrees. He says “the world is also losing touch.”

But you ask whether he realizes how fast generations replace each other? That efforts at drawing lines are sometimes unclear. Even with the tags – Baby Boomers, Xgeneration, Millennials that change from one place to another only give little idea. Somehow, there is a mix. That is generation!

It’s thrilling if you have lived through this interchange and still go with a clear head. Perhaps, interesting and intersecting developments offer you an advantage. That is great.

On the other side, you would have seen that tiny threads that bind is no longer as visible.

The new generation try to create new values. But the old ways subsist. Sometimes, the old ways still call the shots.

The new generation thinking is that the new template will serve all. As these generations meet and get apart by national and varying circumstances, conversation is ongoing.

Discussions of the old are sometimes at odd with the new.

The old sometimes fall into the antics of the new in a bid to get on and be accepted. In this quest, the old often get ensnared. It requires no explanation. Just recall some recent events around the world. Part of it is the use of curse words, and its additions that now fascinate even the old. Indecency in language seems to have been let loose and exalted even by the old.

The new generation commonly use unconventional methods to deliver their conversation. Youth from east, west, north, south glean a lot from it. It becomes the standard bearer by which other youths go or get evaluated.

However, there is confusion.

You see it walk bare and tall in youth conversation, aspirations, values, on the streets, in dress modes, education, relationships and in other areas.

Amidst it, one will not deny that there are some pristine values ever standing as signpost. These may appear to degrade as generations leapfrog. However, they never get erased.

In this situation, we join the conversation with a clear objective that youths across board regardless of location can from time to time glean a word from such pristine values. They can live or leave with a nugget that can benefit them. It could be rewarding too.

How, why, when and what of youth will illuminate the conversation.

It is not political or religious dialogue please.

In a conversation, you express yourself. You listen to others. You develop an essential quality for living.

You can even get more if you can link up one thing to the other. That is knowledge – aspect of imaife.

When you bring understanding and wisdom to this conversation, it becomes richer. It adds some zing. That is imaife too.

That is our goal.

You will also be entertained.

Other useful conversation delivery tools of youths today will emerge.

Enjoy yourself. Keep up the conversation.  What do you think? That is one of the things we do at today.

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