When a journey turns good

Your contemporaries will

salute you in achievers’ terms

Ekwueme, ka ikwu ko di – you have done exactly

Unsuccessful journeys invite comments and counselors

If we all know a journey that will turn good

We would embark


Courageous journeys

Are like a walk on thorns and thistles.

In a bush with voracious reptiles

With legions of demons

It is a courageous journey at night

Of rising hurricane, consuming temperatures

In isolated, infectious location

Where imagination goes haywire

A twin precipice


Courage shouts

Outcome is not always as bad as the fears

Great result is at your feet

Go for it


If it is difficult for the swift to win the race

What advantage does the lame have?

Courage runs after the antelope with bare hands

Does not know one the thicket will entrap

Or one with leg injury


Be courageous and strong,

Is beyond today

It is life appeal

Giving meaningful outcome

Some call it Obama’s journey

His contemporaries now salute him in achiever’s terms

Ekwueme, ka iku ko di – you have done exactly.

Will you be courageous?

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