“Excuse, worst goods ever manufactured”

Yet buyers are so many

From cradle among all races and creed

Many scrambling

In loud voices, justifying you

Extolling you as a creed

A shady shade for weakness and indulgence

Succor for inaction, risk abeyance paradise

Food for minds that are un- exerted

Lullaby for the unwise

You are procrastination tribesman

Positive and negation co-traveler

An enemy to achievement and attainment



The wise are in hateful glance of you

Your approach they berate

Companionship despise

Marked distance is their resolve

Brow-beat and chastisement are their constant checklist

Your nudging the wise call deleterious company

Your dominance is delusion, delayed devastation


Excuse is odious

In surreptitious engagement overtake many

In flesh spirit, unending duels

Ever in high circulation

Over comers dogged fight require

To reject worst goods in the minds of men

Manufacturing time

Associated daily sales

Enough to create

Life changing thought patterns

Men women who wouldn’t worship forever on the altar of excuse



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