Do you see the world as largely grey as some do? Close to this perception is the idea that  the quality of being honest is something in the arena of grey!

Often, honesty is given a back seat without award even among those who should uphold it.

It is a pristine virtue that many ignore but want to celebrate in rare circumstances. Do you know of ‘honesty trays’ in some Africa villages where villagers used to shop and pay without eyes watching. Elsewhere, others talk about honesty bar, somehow different from the earlier. Yet in the latter, unseen eyes in form of a camera compels falling in line. It says you must be honest.

Some public association with honesty is glamorous.

Outside such public glare, how many votes for honesty in private?

This situation has not reduced its status. It remains a solid virtue that is sought at critical times in life.

Those  who are honest may not always appreciate what they have. It may not be popular a times, particularly in some circles. But be honest.

You should know that honesty gives you peace and rest.

Possessions may be limited, popularity meager but when honesty springs, the rewards are beyond the normal.

You have a definite color. Live true to it. Honesty has its color not grey.

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“Honesty has its color not grey”