The internet is an interesting addition to the world.
In it, four vibrant young men from the East and West, North and south axes have been chatting on issues touching them. They realize that the Internet has altered the meaning of face to face.
Yet, with passion they peer through question and answer websites and rattle around in tough issues they want to resolve. Unable to do so successfully on line, they agreed to meet physically at a location they call ‘centre of the world’.
They tucked their names away. However, their conversation was left audibly behind.
Would you please join them as you are also within the centre of their four points of divide?
Here they go.
“There is beauty in diversity. Few can be beautiful too. But not the same kind of beauty as in many.”
“The word few by its nature lacks the attributes of diversity. It does not have comprehensiveness. Therefore, few cannot possess exactly the same beauty as in many. Diversity is like rainbow in its magnificence.”
“But who cares?”
“Few can be beautiful you ‘ll probably say again. That’s true, in its context but not in diversity.”
“What’s the point?”
“Probably you may have to perceive diversity in our society and the world as comprehensive collection, remarkably thought of, consistently acted upon, not by pressures or compulsions.”
“But there are variants in its comprehension. Each man with his own mind and eyes just as a crazy man moves on his own.”
“That is why appreciating inclusiveness and action rather than expediency or cajoling aspires to its hallmark.”
“That means more to the understanding of diversity.”
“Knowing and acting in the knowledge with acuity makes it better.”
“That is living with great understanding of diversity.”
“Is it also the songs of the Rio-Roundtable?”
“What is that?”
“Wandering in the Amazon forest with its diverse trees, rare species of birds and animals that have become endangered in Jakosu of the Niger estuaries or round of talks moving in continents un-end?”
“We are not talking of bio-diversity but diversity of mankind in its dimensions. The lack of understanding of the differences in persons, color, race, religion, ethnicity, uniqueness, peculiarities that sometimes irk you about others. This lack is sometimes deep rooted with or without basis; occasionally or regularly degenerating, dangerously.”
“Looks like grand understanding of unique identities that make the mass and whole. Not merely recognizing diversity, bearing up with it, or a contemplation of what it is exactly which our attitude often betrays.”
” It is unveiling of the obvious secret ‘you are man or woman’. Nothing more. You are flesh not spirit.”
You are one and part of mankind with its nuances. Our attitude on the matter does not change this fact.
“Your recognition that we all developed in different families, cultures – varieties of it. This immensely contributed to the shaping of our world view. Sometimes, it alters or change because of what we come to know and accept including that people are nevertheless from one world.”
” Okay. We are all entitled to this differences with some limits.”
“Yes. We have right to decisions within the context of conscience, morality, rationality and society. We don’t simply know it, we should live it not just to accommodate others but to accept that they have that right like us even the right to be different. Knowing this does not mean approval of the difference.”
“To recognize that this differences exist rather than mouthing accommodation is living with diversity. Sounds great yet still distant to many ears.”
“Well said. Important education still in its rudiments across the divide.”
“Has something new really been said?”
“Not really.”
“But a thought – don’t be part of the problem by firing the embers of the differences. It does not seem to help matters. It has not really reduced the problem.”
“Daily issue of “we” and “they”
– its intractable challenge to ordinary folks, internet horde, leadership and many in the world, even in our so-called age of sophistication.”

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