Life has doses of stress. Experts say we need it. Without their confirmation, we know through daily experience that stress is part of life. It needs no elaboration. Those little heat and query get you going on a normal scale of accomplishment.

But at what stage does this fact of stress come on? As we begin to grow and contemplate our experiences. We start to compare and contrast situation and things.

We tip a page of stimuli that is in dissonance with our comfortable experience. The status quo is internally challenged. Accommodation could be made or rejected. Logically there is interlocking activity of the brain, heart and body. The resultant effects are pressures.  Indications may be visible or invisible.

Experts in their knowledge would say that at certain levels, the result is acceptable but at other times unacceptable. Their gadgets may indicate clearly what goes on inside. Other indices sometimes are unified where the results may not be altogether clear. But no one need to tell the owner of the body that all is not well.

How do you press the stop button?

Some say you have to identify your stressors.

These may be school, work, health issues, loss, relationship or your attitude. Imaginary or concocted situation detached from real circumstances of yourself but you elevated to high heaven. But it could be real, real situation to deal with.

Deal with it. How?

Slow down the speed of your automation, drive, thinking.

Stress makes you to think faster but more often not clearly. As a vehicle in high speed can maneuver with consequences so it is with a stressed person. Then slow down. Look in front of you a barricade asking you to slow down right now. Have you done so?

Have you ever played with the word stress? Can you see a thinning of strength implied in the word? A stressed rope or rubber can cut more easily than the one that is normal. Tell yourself that you will not distend. We say “ubano ano bano lu iyi” – body temperature does not remain same as you approach a stream or river. Words with great meaning for the stressed.

Adopt the psychology of emergency experts.

They don’t deny or ignore a situation. But years of training and practice have given them the advantage to create a balance in the face of disharmony. Learn to create a balance amidst confusion. Think solution rather than beautifying the challenge. Undress the problem. You do this every day. Don’t let this overtake you.

Begin to train yourself in this line.

These experts are no spirit. They are men and women like you. Your level could improve as you face the stress of each day. After all, we all use one day at a time.

Imagine the world and where you think you will be in 20 years’ time. But every ‘now-thing’ will not necessarily take you there. You may be wise. But you do not know everything even when you aspire to do so. That means there are limits for now. Perspective some will call it. Call it what you choose but it will help you to deal, with your current stress.

If you believe in a creator, the better because his guidance surpasses all stress. Anyway, remember the content of your toolkit – identify, don’t deny, deal with it, become an expert, see beyond your nose and accept guidance.

“We daily tip a page of stimuli that is in dissonance with our comfortable experience”

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