The social media communities are helping many to see the interdependence of life.

While the survival of the fittest idea that pitches one man against the other in scientific imagination and in business still enjoy some mention in literature, interdependence holds pride of place. A tree cannot make a forest. Cliche.  But it is of value in this season of new communities and networks. It highlights some truth.

The social media communities are expanding and adjusting. They are in many ways different from African traditional communities network. A peep opens the mind to some artificiality. In various ways it is bereft of reality that gets deep to the core of living. This large community easily claim attachment to members. Still they are detached from members. There are many sides to it. These include but not limited to individual values, religion, family life, ignorance, fears, abuses, anonymity, lack of restraint, racial background and world view.

Often, these new communities are unable to give the needed support and assistance similar to the kind of communities found in old Africa. Some proffer reasons for the differences. They point to geography or spread of members, impersonality inherent in electronic communication and many other factors. We do not disagree. These are some underlying reasons for our assertion that current communities while having their usefulness and advantages, are unable to measure up against critical aspects of African life of the past.

The background of African communities derives from the family. This bedrock proves to be the basis of success of the old network. Here it serves the health needs of the individual and the society at large. Moreover, it was laid on a measure of truth, sincerity, discipline and self sacrificing values that the present communities and network lack.

You could point to the indignation and outrage that flowed when a young lady was raped and thrown out of a moving bus in India. Or the massive show of support for political causes. The question is how much does this trickle down to individuals in some remote, crannies of the earth? Many persons still carry their daily burden and pains without the support hitherto received from their kith  and kin in old African villages and communities. The new communities tend to forget that many still operate outside their ‘only world’ of Internet. It deflates in our assessment of things. It narrowly pins down, hence self limiting.

Some have re-directed their new energies of building network and communities to new landscape of faith. Are these communities working? To a measure, they may be meeting the need of some. Hard truth from insiders is that times are changing because of deep suspicion. This arises from confusing intentions betraying underlying objectives. On one hand, the sayings are spirituality and godliness. On the other hand are display of banalities and hypocrisy. These drain what would have been left as spiritual healing balm. Who or what comes to the rescue of the community? Guess.

To survive a deceptive world that claims to possess all but giving little to many, one should start by understanding the limitations of the present, canvassed communities. When a product is over stated as to its powers, priced beyond its value, it creates suspicion. It is worse when  there is the tendency to think of it as a fit all – magic wand of sort. When placed side by side with others, a discerning observer will see what is useful from what is presented. Therefore, for your healthy living, pick up your community and network wisely for your peace and happiness.

Old networks based on values of truth and sincerity served the health needs of Africans in the past even with its limitations. Some communities today are with faces yet faceless. They cannot give you the same support. Lies on these faces with ‘news’ and ‘facts’ cannot meet your healthy living needs.

As we always say in imaife: “Discriminate to imbibe. Imbibe to discriminate.”

Your survival code leaves you with your power of reason.

– Evaluate your needs; sift off the chaff from the grain.

– Accept limitations associated with current communities as compared with the old.

– Search out for the ingredients that facilitated old communities to work better in some ways.
– Align with communities that work especially if they also support your healthy living efforts.

– As healthy living is a process not a permanent destination, continuously work on the process that reduces the tedium of the journey.

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