A positive outlook is ‘the way up‘. But a look at the downside is to create a balance.
What’s the big deal in Distraction and Attraction? How are you affected?
In word sequencing attraction is often found before distraction. Some joke that attraction was born before distraction. Strength is given to this notion in many ways.
Some believe as we see every day that attraction is more powerful. This informs the choice of numerous titles of books, movies, plays, shows, perfumes, designer names and more. We are attracted to many things. Distraction is antithesis, but a close associate of attraction. It is dangerous and impactful.

Nevertheless, we all are distracted in many ways.

On a regular basis many things distract our thought, attention and action. Distraction could begin innocuously in little things. But, gradually ascends a pitch in impairment.
A case of distraction is common with children when asked to tend a boiling pot of beans. At the same time a television program may be on. The ensuing distraction could make or mar the cooking. The beans could get burnt.
When this happens, acrid smell is all over the kitchen. This leaves everyone with a nagging feeling of pungent smell sticked to the wall. In time, the smell extends to every corner of the house leaving everyone askance even asking a question.
New condiments suffer. The taste changes even if the pot is replaced.The  pot could get damaged.
In some catering outfits burnt food attracts a rebuke.
 Just a little thing – distraction. Isn’t it?
 In safety and driving, distraction is ever a present danger. It is a cause of losses. Painful outcome can even be fatal. Insurance claim can rise.
“It was just a little distraction that caused that fatal accident” she exclaimed.
“But this is only one side of distraction.”
“Some say it has other uses in strategy.”
“Let us hear the other side in line with justice that sees all sides”
 “Is there any good in distraction?”
“To call it good depends on situations and your ethical principles.”
“You need not dip into jurisprudence. Meditation provides you with necessary condition for evaluation and conclusion.”
“Mothers use toys to distract children to enable them accomplish their task. Distraction could be used for reducing stress or pain in some health situations. Politicians use it to confuse citizens on real issues of primary concern. In the same way, strategists use it against enemies in planning and execution of policies.”
“Are we being distracted from the issue?”
“Not really. We are only enriching the discourse”
“So, let’s steer back to the issue.”
Distraction has relationship with diverting your thought, attention  and action from what is considered important, a priority.
It nimble your time in a simple but deceptive way hard to resist. Distraction is like eroding sand off your feet in Bar Beach waters. It waters down targets and deadline even drowns them. Purposeful action is compromised!
Distraction therefore deals a blow on value, priority, focus, time, target, deadline, judgement and more. Poignantly, the scales are tilting against it. Distraction has not proved a helpful ally as such even though its presence is overwhelming.
What tools do you have to deal with this challenge?
Let’s  anchor it on this real life story. A teenager was asked to meet his father after school in their farm. On his way he met so called ‘money doublers.’ They claim to double money for others. They possess no power to double money for themselves. They are conmen. They are without money. They are poor. For sure, they steal from you.Their antics are distractions for unprepared minds.
The teenager starts imagining the kind of things to buy with the money- attraction. Instead of focusing on his priority – the farm, he chose the other. He could not resist the distraction. He joined in the game. He lost. His transport money varnished. He wasted his time. He suffered. He could not get to where he was going.
He was distracted.
Think of many goals lost in the field of soccer, students academic endeavours, career, business and life because of distraction.
Knowledge and wisdom could have helped the teenager avoid this distraction. Preparation and firm resolve on what to do before the distraction could  have  taken him away from this path. He lifted inconsequential to a high. It was the source of his undoing. What a shame!
Help yourself now. Identify what are your current and future distractions. It could angle on your age, interest, association, popular views, weaknesses and trends. Meditate on the consequences. Distraction is part of life, yet can be managed. Get ready to win.
Do not be distracted. Manage attraction and distraction in your life. Tell your own story of victory over distraction.
            “Justice sees many sides even with blind eyes”