Take a dose and move on.

Do you seem to meet what you call disappointment at a turn of your life?

Is such a situation in the family, school, work, interpersonal relationships or systems? Have you met disappointment in little things, or when you are on the road, in a vehicle, street, park, bank and market? What about unfulfilled promises, expectations that swell the damning ranks of disappointment and despair? How do you react to this situation?

Do you see it as a challenge that can overcome?

Do you drop down your hands or with arms akimbo and shout “O dear me, am finished?”  “This is the end of the road.” “Where do I go from here?” “The heaven has fallen” On whose head? Have you ever heard or seen where the heaven has fallen?

Many depressing words that will never lift your spirit or solve any problem on hand. Words spin when imagination has gone wild. It has no bearing or touch with reality. These are blockers, they do not release you to move. Contrary to urgings to keep moving, you appear stagnated, deeply upset without hope.

 Do you still need definition of despair any longer?

Think about many young ones who are in this state. You may not be responsible for what is happening to them. True, but your indifference does not help the situation. As the confusion continues, it becomes an ongoing bad story, and on it goes. Here, you come in. The more the increase in the numbers of youths and persons who see things in this ugly way, the more trouble for everybody. You can see all have a stake. A palliative would not hurt if you cannot go the whole hug.

First, accept that there are conditions that can make one despair. You are only human with limitations. That is modesty on your part. You can ascribe many reasons for the situation. Still that is human too. The notion that you have no other way out is outside the realms of truth and reality. You have allowed yourself to be deceived by yourself. That is where we disagree with you. There is still a way out.

 Take a moment to think positively, to attract strength to rise up from your situation.

Gradually you begin to acquire strength through positive reflections. You start to terminate negatives that initially attacked and want to wrench you.

Your confidence bolsters. At this point, you can recall safety net that life has provided. For believers, their maker, parents, family, associations, social even religious. Your past achievements may swell the list. From this groundswell, you can draw.

Your initial feeling of disappointment may drag for a while but the fact that you can now reason and see things differently means you are on your way to recovery. That is good for you and for all.

Would you rather help your thought always with this last line?

 History is not a record of men and women in despair.

The story of discoveries, achievements, and excellence are littered with disappointment.

 In the face of any disappointment, positive action is the battle charge. Move on.

Many odd lines have been crossed by boys and girls, men and women like you who fail to despair. says take action, move.

  “History is not a record of men and women in despair”

          “In any disappointment, positive action is the battle charge”