Unemployment: How Every Youth Can Be Employed


New mental orientation is open to youths today. If given the desired thought, it could weaken unemployment mindset that is often on sale. If acquired early, one is sure to be disposed to a breakthrough.

But take a glimpse at the old mind.

“You are to possess a higher certificate or diploma that will earn you attractive salary even successful life”

“You are to be employed by someone or system.”

“You should work according to the rules and conditions of service.

You should learn the management systems and ways, then, you will be rewarded for loyal service.”

“At a point, you may retire.”

At retirement, one’s legs are perhaps not as strong. Hands are enfeebled. Sight requires support. The energy of youth – ‘no nonsense’ disposition is knocked like an engine.

This is the old system. It is the old mindset of the world. At a time, it worked well, even perfectly. If for any reason one is outside this employment terrain one tries to enter again. The certitude of this mindset impressed the whole world – east, west, north and south.

 It is the old world, yet subsisting in the minds of some youths today.

The survival of this system of thought has over the years created so large an army of so called unemployed youths. The ratio of unemployed youths is sometimes used to determine the functionality of the state’s employment system. In some systems those unemployed are given a weekly or monthly dole to survive. Such system leaves consciousness perennially on employment and unemployment. But employment by whom? Someone else who is expected to create the job. What a limiting thought at this time!

Where ever you may live, please, pause, ask yourself whether this old notion of employment is working out fine? In some areas, there may still be some margin of success. In others, it is fast becoming both a delusion and illusion.

Is it possible to gradually work to break off from this unemployment mind cage? Can youths imbibe a new mind that is more than a tool kit? Real life kit.

How do we start?

Regarding youth unemployment, try to develop early (from cradle) the understanding that the old system is not only in decline but wearily unreliable. This is the starting point of liberation. We repeat. this is the starting point of liberation.

Ask your parents who perhaps have passed as systems man, woman. Let them tell you about the fears and insecurity overhang of those days. A thought pattern that is a mental cage, a fixation through their years. But some were able to break the unemployment cage to acquire a new mind pattern of liberation.

As a youth in school or unemployed, have you started to develop a mind that aligns with new world reality? Or are you still with the old school concept that harps on unemployment. This call does not mean a cessation of youths being employed by others but a necessity of a liberating new mind. A new mental strategy different from the past that usually ask the question: “Are you getting a job?” A question always awaiting familiar answer, sometimes accusations and blame. This is the old-world register. Struck off your name thereof.

Skill is a liberating tool while still a youth. It is the acquisition of skill or multiple skills. It is not akin to jack of all trade yet, master of none. Skills are acquired at different levels in different fields through study and practical engagement leading to proficiency.

The bother of many employers who require services is that skills are lacking amongst claimants. This is a familiar sound out even in western countries, perhaps to a limited degree in Germany(?) Many have pointed out to their school to learn systems. But all youths elsewhere do not need to head towards Germany.

How do youths start?

Start to define today what is the skill in what you are doing. A student of languages who cannot speak or write it well lacks skill. The inimitable Fela Kuti would say such a person is “not better than a log of wood – “na kpako.”

An engineer who cannot think well, design, implement professionally raises questions on his skill.

A technician whose work limits excellence in providing practical solution becomes an irritation to whosoever brought him to a work site. Worrisome listing like these cut across board. Strident voices are all over the place on the gap between skills and claims.

Can skill acquisition centers come to the rescue? They could but the challenge is here too – claims and actual. In this devil and the deep situation what is to be done? Help yourself to move the bar off average performance. Instruct yourself to move up. Cross the little bar that makes the difference in good, better even best. Crossing this bar is imperative everywhere but especially where average performance is celebrated.

Own what you do is a common advice. It is a lifelong beneficial advice. It is has greater reward if you start early. In another language, it is the spirit of entrepreneurship from cradle. Bring the spirit to your study, trade, activity – that is real business.

Let us end with a story of a successful lawyer business man. As a student in the university he was on the Dean’s list throughout his program. As a teenager at school he uses his extra cash to buy shovels, wheel barrows and head pans that are given out for rent. He was not from a financially limited background. He took ownership of everything he does including his academics. At the end of the university program he was the most celebrated graduate and award winner. He retired early. Ownership mindset served him well in many ways. Close associates can testify to this success story beyond academics. It is true that every story is different but you can always find linkages if you choose.

So, where is the header? Of course, on top of the page.

Wear a new cap that aligns with a new world survival code. Acquire and hone multiple skills. Prepare yourself to be on “A” level. Be on top of your game in the world undulating systems. Own everything you do. From cradle, become a successful entrepreneur.

Would you rather start today?

Next time we will examine some things in business that can be imbibed. Things that give it life beyond its original founders.



  1. The need for the acquisition of the skill mindset has never been more imperative than now. Akin to this is the need to discard the idea that is very popular in the world that every youth needs a degree as a essential of earning a living!

  2. Skills pay wages. It has to be sounded clearly that acquiring skills, though takes time and efforts, is not a waste of time. One who had acquired skills and thinks about self-employment, which is what entrepreneurial spirit is all about, does not need anyone to employ him. He will employ and pay himself the deserved wage, without the exploitation inherent in being employed by others.