Memorial heap is a heap of remembrance

But men women and children are

Hunted like animals, tarred, killed by men

Rabid agents killed Anna and others in Europe

Then a Memorial park

Blood on Oshimili is a different version

By Unknown Soldier, same across the world

It is a world of Unknown victims

Making unknown ground zero in every land

Many unknown are really persons with names

Used to create monuments, beautifications all over as memorials

Unwilling departures ending all departures

As evil watch and mock insanity serenades

Heaps of remembrance without remembering

End of departures without a why question

Commemorating end without commemorating beginning

Journeys across the world remembering end

Refuse to know when the rain began

Ashamed to celebrate beginning

Beginning too shameful to cheer

The way of all mankind

Always saying never again at memorials

Quick to embark on journeys that lead to memorials

How long will war paramours and strife facilitators-engineers

Learn the beginning, journeys to memorials

Why do they build memorials, arcade, gardens

Mere tourist attraction without real time lessons

Why glamorize visits to memorials

that would be non-existent

If all put to heart that

War memorials, architectures, underlay is blood and life

Will not exist

If Beginning crosses real end

Rather than the kind of end we cheer

The memorials