Migrations: Youths Search for Good Life


Attractive women are a lure to some men. Warning has always gone out on such attraction. In the same way, attractive places, cities, countries, nations pull the heart of youths. 


To be pulled may depend on age, interest, personal experience, circumstances of life, aspirations, influences, association, time and prevailing laws. Others may include reason, weak analysis of migration, ignorance, and irrationality. A blind eye could be fingered in some cases. Youthful exuberance filliped by world media heats the desire too.

Besides, migrations are encouraged by what we describe as ‘attractive nations mindset’


To want to stay, reside or live permanently in a location of the world is a personal decision but governed.


There are reasons for migration at different times. It is convenient to say that peoples of the world are always migrating. There is intercity migrations, rural to city migrations, interstate migrations, country to country, forced migration, rational, irrational migration and the current issue of today – south to north migration.


The world scene changes every day. Economic down turn is the order of the day. Political swings is unpredictable. Social indices are forced to vary with a single and simple word. Uncertainties are no longer in outlines but pages. In this equation, migration prognosis may not always have a sure outcome as baselines are altering.


But you may ask how many things in life have sure outcomes. You could also say doubts are being stretched too far. Moreover, is this the mind of youths determined to migrate?


Wait a minute. Is it possible to apply your heart to a wise builder principle?


 First, count the cost. Think, study, reflect. Where are you going? What means will get you there? At what time in the political climate will you get there? What is leading or forcing you to migrate? How will you take off when you get there? What do you have now? How does it compare with what you will get? Are you running for your life? Is good life possible where you are? What is happening to your thinking right now? 


Are you under pressure to migrate? Are there wars? What kind of war? Personal, internal or external? What or who is fueling this offensive? What skill or skills are in your possession?  What is your age? What kind of health do you currently enjoy? Is there alternative to this desire? Is there arranged support in place? Is the grass just greener at the other side. What kind of green? What ultimate result is driving the desire? Do you know the exact location or home of money even success?


Indeed, paragraphs of questions! 


Many young persons would say that answering these questions is sheer discouragement or an indication of killing a dream. Really?


Frankly, these questions are neither a stimulus or dampers to migration. They are simply rational questions that could provoke thoughts, perhaps balance out excesses associated with youthful exuberance that have made some to walk through uncharted ‘sea’ and ‘deserts’ associated with migration. It could remove ‘rafts’ and ‘canoes’ that have turned migrations to abnormalities. It can to some degree erase strange yet true stories on migration. Indeed, true stories! Parents would be saved from endless waiting, to hear from a son or daughter that ‘travelled’ ’20 years ago’ without a word. We ask ‘no word’ in this wordy world? What has become of the migrant?  Even with the odds some made their way through to their destination and are happy. While some say bravo, others ask: Is doing things right gone with the wind?

Two questions at the outset about attractions may not exactly be the same but they share some commons. One of the lures some argue is instinctive while the other – to migrate sometimes is rational. They could become irrational. Yet in both cases decision making is involved no matter how little.


To migrate or not to migrate is not always an easy question. Whether it is to be embarked upon or not leans on many factors. What we have done is to stimulate thoughts. It could help one through definitive mental voyages before the actual.

If people are not migrating to your country, it may be that your country does not possess the attraction. Such countries should identify those things and qualities that offer the pull. Then, constructively create them to pull others to your countries. In Africa, it seems there are more talks than action. Unless actions are taken at the base (where youths are) conferences, decrees, ultimatums, will not stop dangerous migrations of youths today


We offer no admonition. Our poetic story that will follow this story hopefully will highlight migration experience of an African above 50. 


As a youth, make informed decision.




  1. Found this migrants issue interesting. Year 30years ago fine. These days to migrate to any country in the western world without prior arrangement of visa is a waste of time and money. Because one is just going to be like a fugitive. Think twice!

  2. A Frank and balanced admonition on self examination and informed decision on migration. Blind migration more often than not turned to bitter pills most people, young & old, finds very difficult to swallow. This article calls for caution & a proper consideration of all circumstances before deciding wether to migrate or not. Thanks for this timely write up

  3. Fine write-up as always. Very instructive! A word they say, is enough for the wise. I very much like the aspect of the article that leaves the decision-making to the reader. Yes, no admonition offered, but let the reader do so with discernment.