Flow, flow, flow

Water flows

Streams to the rivers

The rivers to the seas and oceans

Natural water cycle

Ordained by God

How do you flow?


Pause, think and yawn in reflection

All the channels

Canals and gullies

Lead ways around you

But you created encumbrances

Blockages, houses and roads

Which engage the flow

How then do you flow


Allow the flow to flow

You say No

But turned around to blame

Ozone layer far distant

El nino, El nina even Elimina

As flooding Devil

Whereas it is you

That blocks the flow

Against nature

All over, you walled


In derision the flow holds you

The flow must flow

At its flow time

It flows



Save yourself and mankind the agony

Think of water flow

Traffic flow, human flow

Economic flow, money flow

Spiritual flow, city flow

Food flow

When all think about the flow

It flows


What is your flow

Where does it flow

Does it block the flow

Enhance the flow

Allow the flow to flow

Flow, flow, flow water flows




  1. We got your flow
    We get the flow
    And flow we must
    With nature
    For we cannot stop the flow of nature

    Thanks once again. A very thought provoking poem for our clime and time.

  2. May God help in dis country #Nigeria to makes everything good @the end
    Flow of great things shall flow flow in our country