Check it out in the dictionary. That used to be the idea when searching for information. Dictionaries are still there working for those who know their value. But more than before, you hear “check G” or ” use Search Engine”.

But a surprise awaits you.

Your personal safety cannot be found in any search engine! Though you may read something about personal safety, still you cannot find it there!

It is with you, always with you, and in you.

Can you see why it is not a dictionary or search engine matter.

But wait a minute.

Are issues of personal safety a bore to you? This is not a pop culture thing. It is not something you can conveniently relieve yourself or consigned to fatalism.

Put your mind to it – in your best interest

A rush to remind us about a Protector is out of this equation. We know “my Redeemer liveth”. But remember, he has made you not a robot! We may not know everything or able to do the right thing every time. But, we are moral persons with great power of reason.

Personal safety issues are not just there, it is about your life?

Think, look and see more. Safety straddles all issues in societies that value life and its potentials. On the roads, it speaks. In our homes, it is always there. In buildings safety is decreed. In industries, it has prominent lines. Organizations can hardly work out well without it. Conduits and pipes “have safety valves”. Everywhere it pops.

Do you see it? Where does yours pop?

You can add up now?  Then, to the more serious dimension.

When you reflect on youth’s safety, you know that the challenge is frontal. This “anything-can- happen” stage of life makes it complex.

Many young persons speak and act this idealism that is simply empty in compartments – “I cannot die”, “I can do anything”.

But my folks would say in despicable tone:  “those who believe hot water does not hurt will soon know it is not ice water”

Perhaps, an excuse for this mindset of youths is understandable. Ingratiating sociological theories on hormonal restiveness could be fingered. Thinkers see other hands – social/environmental dispositions, parental laxity, transitional query-affirmation episodes, value aggregation and sifting, peers approval and ratifications What do you think?

In a clime, these are “grammar”. Yet, the issue is what comes to the rescue of millennials on personal safety?  The “grammar” will not explain away youths individual responsibility on safety. This is the crust of the matter.

The horse-rider principle if considered could be useful.

Think about the man riding a horse. Look at the rope – bridle. He shouts, signals as indications for movement and stops. Controls are all embedded in his actions.

Personal safety is control.

When personal safety is toyed with, disaster promissory notes become real currency.

A young lad in company of friends took his father’s un-plated car. His unlicensed friend who claims mastery of driving took control. Few meters out of sight they crashed into a shop, causing extensive damage. The shop keeper escapes narrowly. “The gang” were not hurt fatally. But other stories you might have heard of the “the only son” or ” daughter” may not have this “ordinary ending”. Everyday there is growing concern for youths safety in many areas.

Can we help our youths to remove such ordinary and not-so-ordinary stories? Youths safety is their responsibility but it touches all when they fail. Their failures are ours.

Do not despair.

A father’s word to his son. Always remember there are laws –  control from God, Nature and Authority. If for any reason these controls seem weak or appear not to exist, create a law based on them and obey. Don’t live without law. Personal safety is law.

Personal safety cannot be found in search engines. It is in you. Take responsibility.

☑️ “When personal safety is toyed with, disaster promissory notes become real currency.


  1. While “personsl safety is youths responsibility ,….When they fail it touches all.” Everyone, especially parents has a duty. Play your part .

  2. For our modern day youth personal safety is not an attraction. It is old-fashioned, archaic and conservative. Recklessness and foolhardiness in any manner and fashion is the in-thing. They relish in twisted and convulsive manner of reasoning.

    Time there was when one dressed in beautitfully uniformed color of wears – clothes, shoes, bags, belts; we admired and hailed: “to match.” But today, that is ancient, old-fashioned, outmoded, out-of-date and even primordial. However, dress up ‘rioutously’ in multiple colours (what back then is regarded as colour riot), ‘modern people’ hail it as “colour blocking”

    This is a twisted generation. What titilates their fancies are odd, eccentric,bizarre even pain. If we are not careful as parents, we will sit in the house and watch our children wear snakes as necklaces. Therefore, we must be proactive. We must warn, warn and never give up issuing timely warnings. We must plant and it let it be said that the flood carried it away.
    Good piece as always.