How many lies that are said every day in the world!

Some give it colors. Others are bold to calibrate it. Classification of lies create some wonders too.

It sometimes begins in small things before it out grows everything in size.

Some lies have been covered over a long time. But when it spills, toxic outcome is what it leaves in its trail.

Is this a glorification of lies?


The injury caused by lies are many. To mothers, wives, brothers and sisters. National groups have suffered because of lies. The Jews, Blacks, even whites are races that have suffered in one form or the other because of lies. Yet lying is a thriving industry.

But lies are lies. It takes many lies to cover up a lie. It is a heavy and uncomfortable load to carry. It breaches trust. It tears families apart. Nations that are adept in lying are always on edge, to make a defense.

Do you lie out of fear? Losing face or to gain momentary advantage? Have you learnt it as part of your life.? Is lying a hobby? It seems you have gotten it wrong. The two faces of a liar are known even when you are not told. 

Strongholds built on lies often collapse. When they don’t, its history always linger as a burden after years of action. If you choose it, similar results lurk around for you. It must be unearthed.

Work to overcome lying. If we berate our children who lie, where is our moral high ground when we do the same? Justification is not enough. says “Lies stronghold always collapse.”

“The two faces of a liar are known even when one is not told.”

“Nations who live on lies are on edge un-end to make a defense.”

“Never start a lie as it spins indeterminate length”