Is that the end of the name so loved by millennials and musicians in our country – “Y”? The provider of free emails. Whose entry is like intoxicating sweet wine. What becomes of this global brand? Is this news real, speculative or fake?
What is in a name? How does it work in your business and survival strategies?
Shall we begin with the basic not the popular “Y” music?
Simply tune your mind to a rural school. The class is still. Air of curiosity flush through haziness in thoughts. Our teacher enters the class. Without a chat or laughter he walks straight to the chalk board. He writes the header – “The Survival of the Firm”
 As the class was trying to take a grip of the title, the teacher face twinkles. In arrogance tinged, many of us could see in his face “I know it better” as he repeats the title again “The survival of the firm.”
Does this topic make sense to you millennials?
Economic theory and practice over the years have changed somehow the concept of  “The survival of the firm.”
Today, many of our high school students are out of school without attending a class in economics, history and religious knowledge. The latter is tending towards a big debate.
Some say students should be focused on “relevance”. Others are worked up in their tones that study of  “science should start early.”
Yet, some are miffed, somehow- erupting in hasty denunciation: “What great knowledge drought in the making”
What do you think?
Our new curriculum developers would soon dance around. Some let it out openly: “Who arts don help sef”.
It will soon become a ‘crab'(cancer). In the usual ‘all knowing little world’, the debate will be how to redefine Arts subjects. Our young students trying to transit from high school to colleges will sure be in another round of confusion. The new day has just began!
“But social science subjects will come to their rescue, and in style, tagged arts.” It might even be explained away that subjects are simply nomenclatures. After all, science was arts and arts was science! At this point, it will move to the level of “dialogue.” Then, the matter will “go back to “the drawing board”. A step forward and two or more …
Back to business and your name.
Clearly, when the question was posed those days why the firm was in existence it was reasoned that it’s survival was it. Later, it becomes trite to state that firms are there to make profit, meet the stated mission and vision of its founders. Besides, knowledge has moved to insist that mission, vision and subsequent actions in various environments prop survival. Moved a little, many think these days in terms of organization survival strategies.
For the millennials, What is in a name? African parents before now are not  remiss in this fundamental – giving meaningful names to their children.
But as a youth you need to define your mission and vision as survival strategy.
 Those days the ” 5 Sisters” in the oil industry dominate discussion of the world. Now, different “brothers” dominates the ICT world. Even as the primal place of oil dims in the future, these names have had great day. They have worked to build and sustain their names in business.
Y with its exploits, freebies, business reach and financials is changing hands. It has been in the news for many reasons. The name means a lot to many.
Now, what question and lesson in business?
What defines your survival as a youth? Business changes name but how do you change your name in biometric BVN milieu?
Any lesson?
Choose your name.  Work on your name to gain value worthy of attraction and survival.  Deploy arsenals of survival like serious business( great topic for another day) This is a lesson in survival of the firm.
Think of the place of a good name as it is in business.
Good name is an arsenal!


  1. This Cracked me up “Who arts don help sef”.. Modern day slangs. But point taken “Work on your name to gain value worthy of attraction and survival”

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