“TO GET $5,000000.00”


Don’t scan this page to get a lead question.

You are required to read, every line to understand the question. Without reading every word, you may miss out.

Are you excited about what is ahead?

Is it possible to get the amount and rid what you think is incurable poverty?

Are there conditions attached to getting it?

The mind is quick to say “not many”.

Ensure you read thoroughly and get the sense. That may get you something better.

Remember, when it is too good to be true, it may not be true. Just put yourself through some rigours to find out.

Some things may not be a scam but they could get one excited to the extent that one pursues them to one’s detriment!

Are there things that hit you every day as you surf the Internet, watch television, listen to radio jingles, discuss with peers or even fantasize. The numbers are increasing by the day. The internet gives a helping hand, a genre that ignites wonders. Fantasies water dry ground making nothing look like seeds germinating. The downward slope may just have begun!

Please, read on. Stop calculating what you are going to do with the money for now.

The power of money in the minds of youths is great. It spills down to all ages. The power of money could wreak havoc if the inner person fails the gateman’s duties. Is your inner person doing real job to deal this “attack”?

 Another forceful voice might say, “leave the gibberish.” Let’s focus on the issue of the moment – how to get this $5000000.00

Is the head getting euphoric? This is normal as you might think you are getting $5000000.00. You begin to count the zero to the end. What figure does it give in your currency? Good sum even if you’re spending the cash offshore.

Note, this is not a thriller.

But pause. Have you read a bit of history of science? The expectation science fired in the Enlightenment of 17th and 18th centuries?

Have you heard of declarations on what the world will be as the Internet bangs?  The Enlightenment and our time are great periods of advances that have “changed” the world. Yet, associated cacophony, hopes, achievements like in the past often whittle even dismantle in some ways and things. It is like the man who is obsessed to get the $5,000000.00 in the quote above. It could also be something bigger or smaller. He is so excited about the money. It hits his imagination and his eyes can no longer see clearly to put things in perspective. If asked the actual amount, he quickly remembers, while other details remain vague. He becomes unsettled. This kind of scenario dazzles youths every day!

In the face of insidious words, promises, propaganda and paparazzi, you need to be still. Don’t you think so. What are you doing about this challenge?

Take a look at the header again.

Many fall prey to unfounded promises of our time.

Do you notice at the header some theatrics used to appeal to your senses?

Why is the amount in zero all through?

Could it have been written in words?

The promise is in quotes.

Who actually made that promise?

Is the promise to get it conditional?

What are imprecise strings in some of the sentences?

Are there catch words?

Did it lower or intensify expectation?

What else do you observe?

Are we disposed towards winning jackpots in life without commensurate and legitimate work or activity? Don’t regale us with Wanczyk story. Like attracts like. When things that are so dissimilar are in association, examine thoroughly. Buyers beware is never outdated even in a thing that looks obvious!

Imaife says “In the face of this world’s “it is already-in-your-hand” words, promises, propaganda and paparazzi you need to be still”

Make that resolve and endeavor to think and see things more clearly.

What do you think?

☑️ “In the face of this world’s “it is already-in-your-hand” words, promises, propaganda and paparazzi you need to be still”

# “Buyers beware is never outdated even in a thing that looks obvious”

Fantasies water dry ground making empty things look like germinating seeds”