Each day some who are forced by city blues to the hinterland drive through one rustic community. Every house on its burrow-like streets is a reminder of what you know of ancient settlements. It signposts rusted corrugated roofs. Aging and decay trail the identity. This identity can make one breathless. Still, in this old image you can see some newness in decay.

As one drives and engage in occasional aerial scan, it subtly throws up a recall and relief. Quickly, a young friend Yemi is remembered.

He is adept in the use of computers. Then, there were no mobile phones.

Yemi is a creative genie. Often, we present him with imaginative idea to be translated into graphics. Whenever asked if our thoughts will come out well in graphics, he responds confidently:

“it is achievable”, “we can achieve something new” “a new feather”.

Aren’t these words moving? As they all come in toe, full swoop, they hit. But they need explanation.

After years of his relocation to the West, whenever one passes by his shop, those words resonate.

“it is achievable”, “we can achieve something new”,  “a new feather”.

This sets one thinking.

Many things are achievable. Sometimes, a word gears one up. If one believes that it can be done, it sets one going. One takes a first bold step and millions of steps leading to achievement follow.

 It is achievable today!

Would you right away make inventory of new goals? They are achievable even on face value they look otherwise. As they buzz and hum in your head you will now hear and see them clearly that they are achievable.

Think about achieving something new.

Everywhere you go, you must find something new.

When you pass through a community with charred corrugated roofs and unpainted houses like the aforementioned, there is still something new there.

 Search out, look up and see something positively new in your life.

Everyday is new in a sense. You take new steps out of your bed. You say “Good morning”.

Good morning is internal and external resonance of a new thing.

If one is gravely ill one may not be in position to say “good morning”.

By saying good morning, you think and say something different from your thoughts of yesterday. It may simply be a modification but it is something new.

You take your bath, get refreshed and become a “new person”. You adjust your personality, yeah, something is new.

My folk’s advice: put on something new every day.

Take a cue from the morning itself.

Put on a new cloth, shoe, tie, perfume, smile or cheers. All can be made anew. A difference!

As plants bring in new leaves, choose new refreshing words.

A new vocabulary to up your understanding and articulation does no harm even in a new world of précis.

Eat fresh food, savour its goodness and newness.

As a youth, you are fresh. Think about a new a product. It could be ideas, action or activity. Innovate.

Why should you be left out?

Many societies think and produce new things every day. It is a constant.

Some say used things are better!

Are used things better than quality, new, fresh, “tear rubber” stuff?

Tokunbo” (used things) are better than new one” is a syndrome not a development language to share.

Even those things you think are not achievable. Think about it again.

Add a new feather.

What is the origin of the word? The thought and understanding could vary but it could have worldwide applicability.

Think of a universal – new born birds in their nests. The process of adding feathers is a slow one for some birds. For others it is rapid. Additional feathers particularly at strategic points are something new that will enable the bird to fly. Flying is something new and its is achievable. Flying prepares and exposes these birds to new things – training, effort, hazards and  results. Flying is the expectation.

The adding of a feather is something new that we can all learn.

It is achievable.

It appears too that pinning a new feather to a hat or cap has a relationship with achievement. Red cap (Fez cap) is foreign at different times in Africa. There are historical reasons for its omnipresence. It was exotic spreading from North Africa through trade and the Niger. There were locally dyed red caps too. A new feather pinned to the red cap was something new. Many in these communities aspired to don one.

Little wonder it is said that “Okpu ododo buta uje onari onu” “When a red cap arrives at any festival it dominates” Is it why many football clubs like red? Some give it to the red!

Today, you may not need to wear a literal red cap or pin a feather, but you should know its historical verses and motivational reasons. In fact, it reminds you that something new is achievable.

What you can achieve are many.  Every new day, convince yourself that there are new things to do.  Bring in a perspective by making something new or thinking of positive new ways to do an old thing – innovation. A new feather as growth is achievable.

Remember, “It is achievable – you can add something new, a new feather.”



  1. Encouraging I must say. I mindset 4 tomorow “Many things are achievable. A word gears one up. If one believes that it can be done, it sets one going. One takes a first bold step and millions of steps leading to achievement follow”

  2. Great piece. Yesterday’s dream is today’s product. We must remember that even the staple food amala, EBA biscuits, fufu, are someone’ s invention- somebody did it first. Kudos my brother.

  3. Interesting piece.. Very relevant especially at this time when people seem to be satisfied with just getting there and being Average. Motivation for one to be their best self and know that there are no limits to want we can achieve as individuals dedicated to a cause.