Where are you going?

 This is a question that is easily asked and sometimes very easy to answer.

Do you realize that when the question involves the entire thrust of life it becomes doubly hard to crack?

In business school literature it is usually among the first topics.  Some have successfully used their knowledge of this word – vision to bring light to their lives. Yes, bring light to your life with a vision.

Vision is a long-range articulation, indicating where you want to be at a period of time. Visions are not cast on stones or drawn on water. A vision is not immutable laws. It is not to be assumed as unwritten, on mere waters – ever flowing. When thought out well, and bringing many things to play, a vision can give one a purposeful direction. It could be modified in relation to changing circumstances especially in the long term.

Every man needs a vision in various areas of life. Do you have one? As we always say it is not yet late if you can create one today. Without a vision one could become a satellite shot into space for a purpose, yet it dies but still floating aimlessly. The word here is floating aimlessly because there is no more a vision.

It is possible to get lost when there no vision. Vision can become dim poor or lost. It could become distorted or dead especially when it is founded on weak foundations.

“Don’t become a dead satellite floating aimlessly because there is no more vision”.

Some young person started off with a clear vision at school or work, but as time pass they allow their internal dynamics and environment to whittle or kill their vision. Look forward, be steady and pursue your vision.

Sustain your gaze at a worthy vision. Let it guide you. You will be great.