et x  el = C

where  et +  el + c = D

Eheee – shout.

“These symbols again?”

“Look! These have made a comeback!”

 “After leaving school, who has time for x plus y.”

“Are you sure?”

 “But they catch up with you anywhere you go.”

“Useful if you could settle down a bit and look at it closely, one more time.” “Perhaps, something interesting could emerge – a build up to understanding and leveraging a new world.”

Before you are turned off, “take a listen” as they say here. This is not any aspect of mathematics. Even if it is, you are sure it’s no big deal! The more you settle your mind, the easier it becomes for you to tackle many complex matters in a world that is not straight.

It is natural to resist change. It is harder to accept when it looks like imposition, idealistic even phantasmic with no real value in sight. It doubly throws one off when its comprehension be it social, cultural or religious brings associated haziness up to the levels of great difficulty. However, your realization of duality in the world may help you not to be asphyxiated – choked mentally spiritually socially and culturally.

Our history books are filled with resistance to foreign impositions. It was a topic that attracted great research, most celebrated topics of the 1960s. It is known as imperialism. All kinds of internal short falls and failures were explained away with this word. It was attractive.

Today, imperialism has a way of shading leaves but subsists in other new ways. Note, the archetype may have lost currency and value in the market. Yet, imperialism uses back doors and alleys to foster a stranglehold leaving people in the same ineffectual point.

The initial optimism of our people that imperialism will go did not survive for too long. The names of their children bear this out.  Oyibogana –  “Europeans will go” changed to Onyeduoyibo ekpe  – “Who fights with Europeans”. Then to the reality of  Enuoyibo  – European Era. It was only a realization after one of the longest wars in Anglo-Nigerian history – Ekwumeku. An imposed change of course! This change has not whittled, it changes tactics. But this change has come to stay.

Does this story foreground our discussion?

Many things are happening like aforementioned today. How do you manage the erosions?

Only a few original objects of imperialism are visible. However, be reminded a social formation influence and strenuous effort to control the other is a constant fact of man and history.  At some point this subtle influence acquires a character that is opaque and confused. But as it lasts, it becomes real and clear. Some persons and nations have managed it well to their benefit, others have lost their unique features and capacities in the process.

 Is your nation one of them? Keep your answer to yourself.

Now, we are on – e-thinking, e-living and future of millennials.

Whether it is liked or not many activities are now fused with that of the metropole to use the centre periphery assumptions. The centre is developed and has capacities. Those on the periphery are made to know-tow willy-nilly. After a while, it becomes the rule. That is how it goes.

 A family suffers cashless- ness on a weekend because there was a name discrepancy. Many can now live without touching cash. Don’t even mention the rave and wave of crypto- currency. What they call Digital currency. You invest to “unknown persons, companies and destinations.” You operate, live without any personal touch. A different feeling and value of cash are encrypting in our lives. Do you take note?

You spoke with him on telephone two days ago. His voice did not give him out that he was dying. We always chat. But we have not visited each other for a while. He is a sibling in the same city. But we thought we are all fine, we are always on line. He was nice. Does e-thinking hand found in this puddle?

E-thinking is expanding each day.  No physical touch, life goes on electronically. The mind also works electronically – new rule of e-thinking. Don’t touch, don’t feel, think aerially, like radio waves, even as microwave, heating and hitting without being seen.

Marriages have been contracted. The two persons involved have never met. They believe they are in love. They are unable to read the characters on line. They tried to decipher real intentions but nay unable. They use video calls and they see a differently “abled” but ” unable.” They figure out but failed to figure out. Hey, marriage is concluded. And next is divorce. “I never knew the person I married.” Some say it is e-thinking. What do you say?

This new culture and life engulf many particularly the millennials. A new culture is upstaging the old. Are there things the new will not change that will remain and be encouraged? This will form the next episode.