We promised a second episode on this subject. Here we are.

It is a very interesting season for those with intellectual and literary bent. The Nobel, Man Booker, LNG, and other prizes are announced.  Great prizes with humongous sum of money splashed for deep thinking even on surface issues.

Do you realize that the ability to think on surface issues marks out great thinkers because they don’t revel in esotericism? They deal with the real – everyday issues in a unique way.  But many, like passerby overlook them.

 Richard H. Thaler’s behavioural economics ‘nudge’ (dubbed psycho-economics) hits a high bell too. Like Herbert Simon detailing on the satisficing model, the mind and economic action relatedness is ever open to many discoveries in the future.

Many Nobel prizes will still be awarded in this direction. This is not a prediction.

If humans are humble to discern they have no ability to completely understand their minds, they will also recognize that there are many things yet to be known about the mind. When such ordinary but strange things about the mind are discovered (known), by anyone who can explicate it in ‘acceptable way’, the person may be singled out as outstanding and deserving of great prize.

Some students have been intrigued by the popular Hawthorne experiment in management studies. It is simple yet very complex in lining its externalities – to everyday living in different parts of the world.

It is simple. There is informal organization in every organization. It sounds ordinary even puerile. A group within a group that operates a system not as organized as formal. But they accomplish a lot even beyond the wish and dictates of the formal organization.

These groups go with all kinds of sobriquet -“kitchen”, “furniture” “cabinet”, “inner caucus”, “insiders”, “cabal”, “friends”, “wise men” even “fools”. They have multiple objectives and goals, sometimes differing in size and scope with what is perceived as a general will of the organization.

The gain is not in penetrating the group as HR managers of yore would, or look for the linchpin to deal a blow. The big thing for you is to understand that at every minute and hour there are group(s) assiduously working for an interest. You can leverage on such understanding. When you do, you will be free from great surprises on outcomes of perceived normal things. This is not pessimism but conditioned optimism.

When you see subterranean interest on the walks, you are at peace and you keep your calm. You also know from hindsight that there will be limits in what they can do, either chosen or imposed. Some may consider this notion as tending towards sophistry. Ask yourself: Is it not said that when you see the duck on water glide, there is something underneath at work? This is the way some are gazing at e-thinking and e-life.

While the language of business, communication and artificial intelligence is having a field day,( business at the speed of light), you should follow it with understanding. The language may be subtle, coercive and rigid but you remain on top of the game because you have prepared and are abreast with it.

As you enter a world of “everything less” –  driverless car, fuel less automobiles, cashless society, crypto currency, and endless list, do not become agitated. As more “valley”  Silicon, Japanese, Chinese,  German, Estonian, Yaba  and other valleys continue to  churn out artificial intelligence that instigates e-thinking, keep your composure. As some measure of social isolation trails them, you will suffer no culture shock. Already you are prepared. That is the hallmark of e-thinking.

However, remember that there are things that will not change. Man, and his content and baggage would not. The driving forces of love and hate, altruism and greed, gut system and its intakes – eating and drinking, and other values in many societies. They will still be the divide in the world of old and new until when all things are made new.

Emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, values, speed and balance are intricately linked, yet, they are not always happy bedfellows. It is the ability to deal with them successfully that emergence of a champion will depend.

Emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman) has five attributes – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skill) are more natural, it requires nurturing. It tends to endure. E-thinking and associated artificial intelligence though setting the pace, seems to beget a lot from dictatorial underpinnings. It is the new song. It will go a long way. However, its strength also signals its limitations.

While we deal with both, always remember that the unseen forces that drive the world is  ‘permanent.’ Love, greed, altruism, hate, bitterness, justice and injustice, national interest, emotions, and others.  Read and live above the outlines of the present world to enable you hold a value higher than the mind of today. Such higher values are true and lasting through life. They will endure beyond the e-thinking, e-life configuration of the day.