You win if you believe you can.

Some who enter competitive sports do so because they think and believe they have something that can make them win.

When you are asked to open your ears, does it mean the ears are blocked?
You are being asked to listen. Intently.
They set the rules. The rules are for you and not for them. They live big on you.  They determine levels of punishment for any abuse.They even do away with you.
But what provides this platform for entertainment and employment?
It is called competitive sports.  But we call it “strength of youth.”
It is dope. Then, let’s dope something out of it.
Like the 1885 Berlin Conference on Africa, principal actors decided who gets what when and how.
In like manner, sports leaders, veterans and administrators set rules on sports and doping.  Are the boys and girls there when they set these rules? Some call it “The riot squad”
The rules are not for the old in their late 40s and 50s. This age segment are hardly there. The “Strength of youth” has knocked them off. The games are for the boys.  Okongwu chariam na uzo.  Old man,  please, stay clear.
It is obvious to propose that the meetings, committees, laboratories, blood and urine samples are gathered because of “strength of youth”
Recently a politician “cried” for lack of sports doping laboratory in his country. He asked government as a matter of urgency to set a  dope laboratory instead of sending samples to other countries.
What about the owners of these samples? That is not his subject or concern. This becomes only an issue like the thereafter, at  a  demise.
After the last Rio Olympics, there was protest over doping. Medical records of some champions were hacked. Various countries went to “war” on doping ban. The hack off, threat and overhang are still visible strewing to other things. Not long, a popular sports  “winner” collects a ban for doping on a his different outings.
The target is the “strength of youth” in sports and a query on it’s “enhancement”
Why the uneasiness in high places?
National pride, glory, financials and humiliation are involved.
As locals say, when a child is crying and pointing to a direction, his mother, father or “thing” is there. In the same token when a blacksmith is hitting a spot, there is something. The spot is what carries the sport -strength of youth.
But the “thing” here ought not be those who share (appropriate the gains) but the actual “possessors” of the physical strength of youth.
In the games, pure, natural power and strength  are expected. No compromise to integrity, raw power, strength and accompanying skill. It is for his reason that doping committees and laboratories are setup(?). Clearly, it is standard setting. This is common knowledge. No quarrels or support for illegalities.
Besides sports, the strength of youth may not be as open an issue as such. Intellect, attitude and skill often over ride raw power in some cases. However, physical power and strength are still  issues in some employment. Where that is the case, don’t get shocked. When those years of  power and zest are gone, it is only natural to ask one to go and rest notwithstanding ones skill, experience and qualifications. Sometimes, with little, or empty handed.
Some outside the youth bracket say they are youths. “Youth is only in the mind”
Are they simply acting? Perhaps, vigorously deceiving someone or consoling themselves or others for missed opportunities?
Take note, a word  about a mental state is not the same as being in the same condition. Thinking like a heavy weight boxer is different from being on stage doing the  real hard knocks.
Youths know themselves.
But the greatest challenge facing youths is a hard reality. The knowing and using of what they have. The difference between being a youth and using the “strength of youth” in their  possession. It is irrecoverable asset they have but they may not know how great it is.
What it can accomplish before it is gone.
And how to learn and know it?
Would you rather begin by knowledge, understanding and wisdom about your strength of youth? Could you utilize the great  (3 “I” of life) –  Investigate, Identify. Implement. Do not say “this will  take away my youth” because “there is still youth” – “The real youth.”The latter will be remembered with fondness when “the queries of life” begins.
What is competitive sports? What is employment age? Who are designers, marketers, sports scouts looking for? They are all searching and reaping from ” the strength of youth.”
As you drop this off, think and remember that not many youths know about “the strength of youth” in their hands. Tell them about it if you know.
Tell youths around you not to be among those who are not conscious of their possession – the “strength of youth”.
Be among the few who know, for your own good.
Use it well.
Learn more.