Blame is old, odd goods in mankind’s open shop.

Let us pass over it to a new foundation and performance.

This urging to move away from blaming rings daily. Its currency never wanes, generation after generation. They say it is hard to imbibe the good because blaming makes a sweet song – lullaby for the body. Indeed, for minds that are not exerted and tweaked.

Blaming dates back to centuries and millenniums thereby making it an old goods in the shop. Shoppers (Are you one of them?) hardly pass by without pricing, purchasing or giving adulation. Blame others, things, even yourself in quiet movements without adoption of a foundation for performance and you will remain where you are permanently in this unworthy shop.

Recently, it was reported that an African leader in the west coast when taking up office assured all that he will not adulate blame or make it a new master. He hinges his position on experience where blame has not worked out any good. Many applauded this position as a good beginning different from a life style of blame, and blame to confuse, and rob the freedom of laying a solid foundation for performance.

Millennials, hear this:

Blame robs the mind of creativity.

Chokes with hate and pain.

Limits scope of analysis.

Makes one a mockery.

It is shocking when adults live on blaming. What are they teaching their children? Does it mean there is no linkage in theory and things? There are many in science and fiction. We know there is Linkage theory in international relations too. However, if blaming is the cornerstone of your house, it will surely ostracize, even you.

Change that mind.

Don’t blame the enemies for what you can do and overturn. We know it is a magical tool. But too much unearned power given to blame has robbed the world the peace and power to perform.

Keep away from the blaming shop. From Adam to a dam the blame goes on.  Dam it. It is damned. It rasps. It hurts.



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