Old, very old but loved by many

Means of exchange

Mint colorations and names don

Build wealth for the smart, the crook

Every society glorify your presence

Even now that you are turning to a spirit



Frantic, un- abated the search for you

By kings, nobles, and wretched of the earth

All in listless search

The pious, wicked, hardworking, indolent

All make use of you

And search at varying degrees

Your home


Some leave their villages

For the cities in search

North south, east west

North east, North West

Like trade winds of yore

Thinking that city razzmatazz is your road way

Creating weird, warp orientation, mindset and drive

As if it is the blue side and dark side

Not taught at Ivy League schools

Are pathways leading to your home.


Others abandon their countries

To locate the home of money

In America, Australia, South Africa

India, Africa, Middle East

Down in these locations

Have they all found the home of money


Multinational companies

Leave to safe havens, tax havens

Digging, prospecting, buccaneering

In inquisition like damning

Intellectuals swallow their ivory tower mentality

Deign to the level of illiterates

Engineers drop to dish washers

Footballers in cross country crisscross

In search for the home of money

The whole world all in search



Money do you have a home

Where some find me

Others fail

A home I don’t have

Define your search cause and course

Work at it

Decide the home for me

It is neither east nor west

Where you can find me

As I am closer to you

Than you think