Employment crises are all over the world. In some countries the anxiety and panic are high reaching thresholds. The question always is where do one start? In treating a health condition, there are medicines and healers everywhere chanting “we have the solution.” Some are working while others seem not to be doing exactly.

In the face of unemployment uneasiness, what can help? You may have your answer but hold on for a minute, and reflect on other possibilities.

Why should you do so? Unemployment issues are not the same everywhere. Put it in context to assist youths with different experiences to arrive at their destination.

Please, start right now to think about it. Thinking provides a way. This kind of thinking is known as strategy. Strategy is simply think ahead.  True success hardly come in anything without a strategy. To execute, you have to think and outline resources. Types of resources as you know are many, but situate all within your internal and external environment.

 Remember, there is no one fit all strategy in all things and life. Indeed, start from within before reaching out. Self-conquest is one of the greatest battles of life. Conquer yourself to a reasonable degree. That puts you on a winning lane. Yes, winning is a process. You need to keep working on it to be winning.

Now let’s get practical.

There are gaps in knowing and doing. First, get to know to enable you do what is known.

Like the big old steel companies, big institutional employment with its systems are facing hard times. As forecasts are dimming, look outside these bastions that are giving way in time. If anything comes from them, accept but understand that these great idols with new feet of clay are in constant bashing of ocean waves.  You do not need any one to tutor you again on the eventual outcome. As companies drop out of critical performance index and as you read reports of trends, be educated. You do not need to invite renowned management/financial “Biggie” to explain every move in the world’s opportunity/labour index.  Open your own eyes and see what goes on around you.

Get the honey in seasons!

Seasons are great self-employment window. In agriculture and other value chain, seasons provide unique opportunities. Remember, thinking has to come to work.  From ancient literature to modern, season can determine the kind of need – food in demand, storage and clothing. Do not quickly forget the story of persons asked to preside over food administration because of seasonal drops. Do you as a young person take interest in seasons beyond its geographical attributes? In the country where you live what new values are open to demand as the physical season change. Thoughts in this area could activate new windows of opportunity for self-employment. An example is vegetable supply in dry season. Why? How? Where? Think of other things. We agreed that strategic thinking is the first thing.

Don’t just allow festivals blow only your mind, reap the gains!

Closely, linked with season are festivals. There are many great festivals in different parts of the world that create windows for self-employment. In the US, from November, retail stores start jamming with Thanksgiving and   Christendom festivals purchases. In other locale, it is a season of convention and meetings. Take a study and observe self-employment windows they present and their changing patterns. Can you list major festivals and dates in your area of residence? Take an inventory and start thinking of self-employment opportunities they could inspire.

The foregoing windows are not intrinsically new but it could become new by a new force that our first action plan recommends. Thinking can lead to innovation. How could activities related to these events be rejigged for new set of results. What are sold at this time? What are the needs? How are they packaged? Have the original customers changed? What are their current needs? How fast can their needs be met? These are but a few innovative questions that can prepare new ground for self-employment and huge resource accumulation.

Do you know that trust is a scarce product across lines in all countries of the world?  It can provide self-employment window as even the ‘trusted big names’ despite their pretensions are by the day diminishing. Trust is a valued product in arid desert of business. As more hidden things are opened, as ‘paradise’ acquires new pejorative connotation different from its original, explore a window of opportunity in trust.

A recap reinforces.

Strategic thinking is a window for freedom from unemployment.

  • Reliance on employment bastions are fading pictures.
  • Seasons are great self-employment windows.
  • It has not changed as new decades and generations wear on and wear out.
  • Festivals provide lines of new things to cash on.
  • Innovation in thought and products meet new values and become a source of capital accumulation.
  • In this world’s arid desert of trust, expand your trust radius, use it to create and sustain new self-employment opportunities.