Old Oshodi. Photo credit: kokolife.ng

Oshodi is Bermuda Triangle

Here things come to naught

Insignia of chaos

Metaphor for evil

Axis of fear, e…

Law order laughing stock

Human paradox



Urchins, touts paradise and nightmare

Dens on dens

Dens under dens

Dens astride dens 



filth depot under sea of heads

Disobedience intransigence melting pot

Known enemy but faced daily

To make city, inner cities

Yellow dot yellow Molue panorama

“Inner city blues gonna make you holler”


Suddenly your judgment came

In one day like Babylon the Great

January 6

Teeming paramours disappear 

In a swoop insignia vaporized

Intransigence evaporate

Fired will power changed your landscape 


Filth depot turns flower gardens

Madness to sanity

Chaos to order

Vehicles speed non stop

Marathoners pass through

Humans, vehicles fall in line

File like soldier ants

Across bridges

Is this Oshodi the Bermuda Triangle


Oshodi you’ve seen 

Episodic catch a thief strategies

Wars of all kinds

Which one will 

End all wars

Set no committees for a snake

Kill the snake

Photo credit: Naira Land

Will it be done

It is done

The Snake killed

Salute to idea, will, and courage.