A dog is a very sensitive animal. Well trained, it can do a lot. Individuals as well as safety and security agents use dogs for sniffing, identification, alertness, search and rescue, crowd control even sabre-rattling. A dog shows friendliness, recognition, approval, excitement, and happiness by wagging its tail. When there is suspicion, the look is unmistakable.
Dogs hearing ability below noise decibels is legendary. It makes some locals say that dogs hear voices of ancestors! Perhaps, this may be explaining the phenomenon in less empirical form which aligns with their beliefs. We hold no brief for them anyway. We are simply in passing noting attributes of a dog – a friendly animal.
A dog relocates with a friend about five years ago to a new house.Many things changed with the movement.The distance changed their friends. Their  accommodation changed to a detached house with expansive layout. On arrival  they changed the empty space in front of the house to gardens. The plants changed the look of the compound.
Afters many years, the new owner of the house at moments of quietude gets ensconce in a review of the compound . Now he enjoys fruits – pawpaw, avocado, shaw-shaw apples plantain and banana. Sometimes he  wonders as he ponders. What would have become of the  space if left vacant and uncared? He also looks  at  other  possibilities of having careless tenants in this beautiful place.
Myriads of thoughts spur actions.
As he reviews his journey, a friend, Jacob enters. The dog barks unceasingly until the owner shouts and there is calm. The house owner airs his thoughts about the compound. Jacob  joins him at “this joint review session”.
The owner talks about how useful the dog has been in his new situation but wonders  if the dog has a way of reviewing matters as they are doing.
“How can a dog review years of activity” Jacob queries.
“Reviewing five years of relocation?”
“Does the dog know anything like years?”
 “If you say yes, how?”
“Despite all it does, the dog falls short in this aspect.”
 “It is a surprise that many who claim to be wise sometimes fail in periodic reviews of things!”
“When they do, something stands between them and the review.”
“Why the short-fall in this critical aspect of life – below -“dog short history?”
“This is a strong assertion”.
 “Wicked one!”
“It is not.”
“Quickly run your mind through world history from November 7 1917 to November 7 2017.”
This period has seen subscriptions to ideologies and people  persecuting others of contrary opinion. That seems to be mankind’s history. It is still happening. Look back and what is the outcome? After years and decades, untiring advocates see hollows in their canons, in the face of changing circumstances. A review becomes inevitable. What become of the zealots, votaries and disguised disciples who have defended them? They begin to appropriate, twist new letters and words to ameliorate ugly positions they held that lead to waste and deaths. Would early review not have nipped and saved the day?
 Pride erodes the power of review
Recently, it was Interesting to watch Henry Kissinger in his 90s. A great diplomat,  statesman and consultant. He was doing a great review on BBC about his encounters in diplomacy and with world’s prominent men. He has seen much, written much and influenced much, yet you see in his words and laughter many reviews.
When the wise speak they discern that in history many things could have been done differently from the beginning.
All humans at a point in time are confronted with their limitation, and effort to rise above it is a constant challenge for the wise.
The fools tell you there is no review. “They will do it the same way if they have the same chance”. After many years, their language, internal working and recriminations betray seeming doggedness.
Is this a sale of integrity? Denial of firm belief in what is right?
There are so many ephemeral things given the picture of immutability that have undermined human peace, happiness and living. Reflect on many of them and humbly review them.
This is not a request to become a convert to a creed. We need no followers. For your sanity, think about the power of review. That puts a lie to the ballyhoo that if given a chance one would do everything exactly the same way as in the past. Such statement should be properly phrased. The realization that not many circumstances are exactly the same should humble us. Please, call that realization by its real name – modesty.
In review think about the struggles of world leaders at different times. The books you have read on ideology. Who is best ? East and west struggles armament and disarmament, gun control, race relations, political and financial  system, pension systems, policing, and other systems. How many that have been proclaimed the best? Which among these have not undergone a review? It compels serious thought about man’s ability to review appropriately at the proper time and its inherent limitations.
Watch your dog when the door hits it. The dog does not have man’s power of review, yet, the dog is not likely to be hit by the door again. The dog ‘reviews’ by instinct and takes precaution. Dogs seem to learn from ‘short history’ and will not allow the same disaster befall it again and again.
Mankind have greater power of review. We are made better than dogs in many respects with the capacity of review. Yet mankind do not always act better than instinctive dog that can discern a catastrophic journey and abort it.
Millennials,  do not forget your power of review at the right time. Do not wait for the time to devise words to cushion the impact of lack of appropriate review like many generations.
Ignite, use your power of review timely and wisely.