Spectacle razzmatazz signifying nothing
Lacking in content and quality
Yet lodged inside the crevices
Dungeons of men opaque
Unlit by classy radiographic exposures
Man’s foibles desires
Ensconce riveted
In souls it is hidden
The quest for title and glory
Have you searched for it for nothing


O man, O woman
Is it sought deviously sought as devil’s sort
Life accompaniment 
like age emerging  naturally gracefully and unforced
Or worn as crown without diadem
Devil’s sanctimonious toga on the pulpit
Like robbers at mid morning becoming
Kings and illustrious gentry at noon
Pontificating over miseries of the ordinary 
Yet created by so called honoured men and women
Man seeking own glory
Is it glory
Pauline expositions enquire 
Even this undeserved glory


Man pulverize your cravings
Sift it off chaff 
Identify enduring quality, 
Otherwise you’ll be treading familiar decadent road
Honour given to thieves
Thieves that do not only loot but kill
What kind of honour
Dishonoured not only by the undercurrent, by the visible
Honoured oversize shoe, mocking itself
Spectacle of nothing
Undeserving but worn
Diadem tarnished with indignity and shame
My son
Don’t receive
Don’t wear
Crown without diadem