Where are you? What is making you what you are? Do you have a choice?

Debate on environment waffles along all the time. Before assuming a strong issue on global platforms, it had surfeit of controversy at ordinary levels.

In retrospect, nature or nurture cornered many socio-economic pundits. Discussion at that level simmered at the turn of last century, giving rise to new issues regarding the survival of the environment.

Should this bother you?

Yes. You are always operating within an environment.  Some have unwisely quipped: what is my business with all the clamor? Whether it is green or red even tar, life goes on. But you are the product of your environment and that is the interest.

Recently, a friend mused “witches do not cross the Atlantic Ocean”,

I asked him why an academic of his class would deep to utterly conjectures,

He reminded me he is a Pastor too. Though he is not the type that sees, binds or destroys. He anchored his quote on the regeneration of his in-law now living in the United Kingdom.

The breadth of the story is that his in-law is a changed man who now wakes early. Commutes early and works very hard. Intriguingly, he has become humble and conscious of consequences of his actions. A product of new environment?

Assumed local thinking that something ethereal clutched him down while he was in their country has disappeared.

He wondered what led to this sea change for an adult who refused to grow when he was living with him in their country.

The new environment has touched him positively, kind of exorcize all the never-do-well tending.

Environment has a compelling force. It can pull you up or down. You have to wrestle with it always like gravitational pull. It can change you for good or bad through its influences.

 This means that you have to mind your environment. Do you need to create your environment within existing environment?  It is a difficult assignment but it may become absolutely necessary for your survival.

Others can create one for you. However, you need to painstakingly examine what others are creating and the extent of usage. Creation of your own within another if the current is depleting requires that you examine what is real. What true survival means within and whether it is assured.

 Please, remember that any serious discourse about your environment may have 3D.

Development, Depletion Damage (3D)

How do you ensure sustainable development of your individual environment and the larger one. You have to identify current depletions going within the environment and damages that had taken place.

Can you now extrapolate the 3D to yourself, your life and your personal world?

What are you doing to create a sustainable environment for yourself as a student, worker, father, mother, orphan, everyone. young or old?

What is depleting your environment?

Are you among those who argue that your environment remains the same?   Are there damaged aspects of your environment?

You can help yourself by providing answers. Yours is not mine. Next time  that  issues of environment  comes up think  deeply within before looking out. Your environment is your life.

                 “Any serious discourse about your life has 3D”