The word generation is weaved in confusion

Amongst intellectuals, analysts, and debaters

Demarcation is always uncertain

loose like a jute bag

Allowing needling needles

Historians debate your length

Thirty or more years

Others confuse you with silver jubilee

Public commentators pile, pad with extra years

As if figures per se constitute your identification mark


Names in favour and against pasted

Adulterous generation our Lord denounced

Wasted generation Nobel Laureate deprecate

Baby boomers Americans carpet

Oil boom, is oil doom generation they say


Is the spanking of a generation

a generation gap spanking

Awkward value packing

A generation hacking, harassing

The old asĀ old school

Yet old things are swallowed to the marrow


Originality and discipline they declare enemy

A generation of old song remix

Certainly a parody

But given the air of originality

A denizen of school cultism demonism

dubbed socialization


Examination malpractice digitalized,

Cheating without trace

In the face of forensic audit

Generation of 8 As in high school

Less than one hundred score in college pre entry

Three hundred and seventy score in college entry but slim pass through college


Nudity, tattoo on buttocks

a way of life

Some wink

Others look the other way

Categorize it as half or full

As if half should be hallowed

Glorified as creativity, choice

Does the choice elevate decency and human spirit


One generation my Lord once asked

What shall I compare you

Children playing game but hardly recall what had taken place

Soaked in violence, situational ethics

Generation of stray bullets

As if guns are not triggered

Building pejorative bridge of criminality

Sullied name for many


Have your inventions balance the evils of your time

Internet curtail immorality, duplicity

Glamour checkmate sex scandals corruption murder

collective waywardness

World class cars reduce accidents,

Abracadabra in science, religion and social life ticket to peaceful world


Why do you celebrate this generation

Where grey is dominant colour

Discrimination, ethical orientation gone astray

Straight talk reject, glorify watered downs

Condemnation hated, as it sparks uneasy fire

Discomfort for distorted ways


Are there not good in this generation

Is it sown in evil, reaped in evil buried in evil

Does a generation critically identify its generation

Deprecate its degeneration

Differentiate its generation

Aggregate new condition for another generation

That will not exceed its degeneration


That is the work of a generation that will not waste

One to align

Generation its recall sends sweet memories

Its rendition after fifty years or more flutes

Meaningfully to old and new

Quality not transient,

Relevance not ephemeral

Values not decadent

Spirit enduring

That is my generation

Whose generation is the other

Condemn it if it is yours

Live for a generation regeneration

Not its degeneration and degradation