“Of course.”


Many would want to travel for different reasons. But, have you noticed, traveling seems to fascinate youths and women more than older men. A lack of enthusiasm on the part of older men tends to be obvious even in societies where social roles by men and women are significantly different. There is the assumption that lack of interest on the part of older males to leave their aboriginal homes is one of the reasons they secure difficult visas than younger men! Is that true?

Even in a world of skeptics, there are still some who are fascinated by what they don’t know. Places they have not visited are thrillers. They think wonders in such places can only be unveiled by physically being there. Seeing a place in pictures is different. Indeed, visiting a location surely helps you to see the underbelly. My friend Tonie would say “if you must understand Tokyo, you must look under”

The world of Google search engines with its images don’t work the magic. Yet with this tool, some are still swerved by “hear-say” taken as a guide. Some don’t even bother about any guide. The moving spirit – “all is fine out there.” They reason, it is never the same for slaves in the King’s palace and those on the street. But this assumption could ensnare. Discerningly, it is a limited view.

The slave in the King’s palace may know many things differently, perhaps, better. This slave is aware he could become the object of sacrifice too soon than the slave yet to be captured. The aphorism that “when a slave sees his fellow slave being hacked to death is a reminder of his day” does not diminish or go away easily. It is a stamp on his right palm!

Usually, the other side is thought to be greener!

What of the other types of travel? Short visits to scenic and idyllic countryside one has never visited. The holiday season could capture other locations. It could be “A thank yourself” trip for a rest, “enjoyment” and sightseeing. It could be visiting loved ones in faraway countries. This may be coming after decades of sojourn and raising families that have lost touch and sense of their aboriginal ancestry. This type of travel both in content and disposition could be cool, calming to the nerves.

It is different from travels for conferences. Conference and business visits last for a few days. Often, these are strewn with activities that one wonders how one copes with the pressures. In this type of travel, one does not have time to shop. Before one asks about the downtown of the conference city, one is hopping into aircraft that brings one home! Really, there are types of travels!

In all, would you want to clearly set your traveling objective in mind? This is no mathematical piece or definite engineering models. But you could set out reasons why you are traveling. It should not be frivolous. Do you observe that the purpose of your travel is one of the key questions you are asked at embassies, as you process your travel document? Do not be generic.

Be particular. My folks used to say that outing that has no clear objective usually leads to the “house of quarrels and fights”. Sure, this is not what you wantDefine your reason for traveling. What does the checklist look like? Reasonable or out of tune with your reality? Get it right from the beginning, months ahead so that you don’t blame yourself later.

 Always remember, objective musters materials to get things done. A lot is accomplished when there are measurable goals.

What about travel uncertainties? How do you deal with them? Read the next story.