Miracle are wonders defying intellect

Reason and explanation

But in all spheres of nature and life replete

The usual changing confounding the obvious

Stretching imagination beyond limits

Reason and causes multifarious

Questionably rotating the unquestionable


Miracle is cloaked in evidence

Yet rejected for empiricism

Spiritual and mundane arena shared

Elevation high, abuse higher

Usage highest


Many miracles propose queries as

Mimicry increases clan of its rejection

Miracle water everywhere

Too bitter to drink

Quantum miracles unable to meet quantum crises

Scarcity of miracle amidst miracle committees

In dance of miracles


Miracle calendars are

Drowning spontaneity, propinquity of our Lord’s type

As miracles hours meet

Weeks and months of miracles

March, April and December – their convocation invocations

Giving laboratory incubated miracles

The Dolly type the same image

Same playing field, same gestation

Lifting agnostics to cheer

Robbing the spiritual

The uniqueness that excite, the real that captures enthrallment

Bespeaking other worldly

Miracle that are called miracles

Adored venerated

Who says delineate is exactly to demarcate to eliminate

Define nature to and fro

Law of motion reversals

Different from a regeneration

To end Miracles fairs un-end

Which confuse law of motion reproduction

Regeneration and endowments, change factors

Placed by our creator


Isolate expectations ignited and intensified

Year after year by miracle committees

Journeying to money houses

Locate miracles to remain real miracles

Not miracle lotto, Baba Ijebu

but real miracles


Seasons of miracles. Reflections on miracles in Nigeria during December of each year. Miracle epidemic, committees, calendar, quantum miracles!