The summer in the west is over but traveling continues.

Like other things, traveling involves preparation especially if one is leaving one country or continent to another. As we showed in part 1, think of your travel objective.This sounds simple. But at all times this single line idea requires a long list. Make your list and sub-list as additional information dispenser. Your analytic input can make a difference.  This include counting the cost before takeoff.

Uncertainties always spin in the neighborhood of the unknown and a companion in the tale of caution. Be brave.

Uncertainty is also a trigger of fear and power. Depending on preparation and utilization you can deflate fears and turn a few things to your advantage. Do your research. What may seem to you as much knowledge in this regard will not harm. It can only propel  to good results.

If you are from the part of the world deeply affected by a different time perspective or unaffected by time, you may be in for a surprise. For first time travelers you are on a route that is not familiar. Like a driver on unfamiliar terrain, set out early. It reduces pressure. Keep to time. Check electronic information boards. Ask questions when there are many flight connections through other airlines and time zones.

Follow written instructions on movements at the air or seaports. Ignoring them may teach you some hard lessons.

Great learners consciously avoid the school of hard knocks.

Owing to safety rules that have implications than we can surmise, there are laws of carriage of persons and materials. The law of personal carriage are not always the same. In international flights there are things you could enjoy but not in local. The size of aircraft, country to country restrictions may bring this to the fore. To loan the words of an old administrator who says things nicely, ” If I were you, I will lean towards being light than heavy”. But if one chose the latter, ensure your pockets are laden with powerful cards capable of dousing the challenge of weight. Limited personal carriage seems tidy.

 Lean feeding on voyages helps to keep the system in stable condition. Always remember:

Indecorous behavior usually becomes a spectacle in restricted environments in aircrafts and buses.

Sometimes, one wonders if the euphoria of traveling in some persons requires a dose of medicine of some sort. Have you observed acts that bother on  exhibitionism as you are in the aircraft or in buses traveling a long distance? Baring health conditions, how many times should  one visit the bathroom/toilet in an aircraft journey of less than 8 hours?Or on land where there are many vehicle stop parks and conveniences?

Differenbody chemistry common to men and women should not be a gold card to immodesty.

Whether one is staying in a hotel or in a friends home, light eating  and living make sense when away from home. You can still be comfortable and satisfied with basic things of life. Now, think when you are in your own house how many things are really in use everyday?

Travel exposes one to law and order of different kinds. In some areas there are levels of  trust in systems. In others, systems are only good in name. Predictable thing could be half measures even chaos. Tourists bear the brunt  of such system shortfall.

There is great education in travels. You see nation building in practical terms.  Modern railroad system are almost perfect in some countries. Railroad houses reaffirm historical narratives. Some airport complexes wire thoughts on the wealth and poverty of nations. They inspire dreams for emerging nations. Some contend that the cleanliness of such national edifices in some ways indicate the health of a nation. Insightful!

Other encounters include the nature of commerce, speed limit, police consciousness, thorough enforcement of no drinking and driving laws.

You can observe age long  planning of houses, regulations, infrastructural development, green belts initiatives, animal care, planned road maintenance during the nights and seasons.

Intriguing are attitude to work and duty by many you encounter. The so called menial  jobs and bigs jobs so common as topics of discussion in some lands wean and wear out as no topic in some places.  Knowing what one is doing, having the training, certification, recognition and proving beyond doubt ones mettle and proficiency  for the right outcome is of greater interest and value. These are clearly seen as one move from one country to the other.

Cleaning off history is not part of some countries culture. Historical monuments are properly tagged. Inscriptions etched on walls, stones, buildings, boards  and parks  are visible. You are not at a loss who did what. Who is honored and reason for such honor. It is not like in some places where everybody is an icon (not in a general sense of the word), but in a deceptive usage that buries deep and misappropriates the real meaning.

How do you identify your food? What shape does your travel review take as you return to your country?

To be continued.