Look at the skyscrapers everywhere you go

The city expanse illuminations are dimmed by their numbers

Soberly mystique is imposed by its unfamiliarity

Massive road and railroad network draw a jigsaw puzzle.

Technology in constant incubation

It’s distillations throwing up wonders

Awesome powers in finance and arms

frightening the whole world

Trucks and cars dominoes ignite unending haze in a gaze

School system without school uniforms

But never slips to sleep by schools strike seasons

Law and order carefully harnessed

Very powerful in silence yet poking on all

Whispers of perceived shortfalls

Yet a bastion of reference

The archetype

Systems that work with many imperfections

Giving many within and outside some sense of succour

In daily turbulence

The will to move in

A city many aspire to visit

At least once in a lifetime


A woman

A first-time visitor


Her bush is also clean

Her  dogs are not on loose

They  care for them than men

Who sleep at bus stations

At metros on cardboard litters so little

To cover cold floors

In chilly cold

Cuddling grave gates

In contrast from what you read and see at sea


A dream city

A potpourri

A rest for some

A nightmare for others

A prison for the unguarded


A dream come true for what is visible

But not for the invincible

The underlay

The underbelly is

A confusion in a haven

Where all beauties lie

For all

But not for all

Yet a dream for all


Chukwuma Osondu

New York City – In retrospect

Big organizations!

Large intestines of a crocodile

That are not opened or eaten 

At a village square! 




  1. Imagining Nigerian city, not NYC, illusion…
    …school system without school uniforms, unstandardised, lack of regulations, and conformity.