Many do it every day. Praise not adulation. Feeling fine and happy seeing a good work another person has done. Inside, you express admiration for the good you are seeing. Sometimes, you cannot hold yourself. You mutter even utter some words of praise. It is for that man you never knew? Put in a broader context, “applaud for the work of a man or woman you never knew”

Have you ever passed close by an iconic statue? You admiringly contemplate the creative ingenuity of the artist. You start imagining the kind of thoughts that run in his head. The hot chase while designing and executing the project. “You are elated, then, a remark: “God bless this man”.

You arrive at a well-designed bridge in a rough terrain leading to and across a river. In amazement a sigh of relief: What a work!

You take a look at a house, a masterpiece incorporating function, economy, resilience, foresight and beauty. You doff your hat for a man you never knew.

A musical orchestra with original songs mesmerizing.  Quietly you are wondering about the synchronization of sounds and improvisations of such ensemble. Who is the man behind this wonder kept ringing in your head?

This happens regularly among contemplative persons and those who engage less in such a “challenge? Truly. it occurs in all at varying degrees among those who insist to see the good, in many things good. There is an applaud for the man you never knew.

Have you ever wondered why we engage in this kind of self-imposed activity that comes without inducement? Don’t go too far. In you are many good things that can attract similar good things. Apparently, the surfeit of it in you, the more likely you send it out. What do you think? Not really seeking your answer. Please read on.

Each week, you see a “praise assembly” on procession on social media. The media presents one success or the other. Sometimes, the success stories are real. But others are simply imaginative, a contraption to lure and confuse.

 Yet in all these what is evident? Many are moved to applaud “the man they never knew.”

 What is wrong with rejoicing with those who rejoice?  Do we all have to mourn every day and wear ourselves out? Good questions.  You are right. Many answers could come from religious and psychological perspectives.

Cheering increases your joy. What kind of cheer? For real or for fake. You are your own judge!

When someone says you will be rewarded. It means different things to different people. But there is a reward even when there is no direct praise or recognition.

There are grains of recognition. Invisible ashes of recognition, like the harmattan dust travels unimaginable distances. Do you know that there is a story (others say it is a study) that harmattan dust from the Sahara Desert travels as far as Australia? That may be too far or seem exaggerated. But you know too well that it gets to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, quietly and settle on roofs. In like manner you are likely to receive praise and rewards from distant unknown sources if you work out well- “applaud to the man you never knew”.

You can become the man they applaud but they never knew. You may not be hit directly by the praise. You may never hear it. Yet it attracts many wonders you cannot explain. This is physical and a reality even though some may think it has a spiritual component. Does anyone wants to stretch it beyond here? You are free.

The world today lives in a combine. A social media world of pun and fun. A razzle-dazzle. Its medley is tipsy. Its blurs reality. Spins untruth and whirls deceptions. Thrills with falsehood, ensuring that minds are ever on hazy outlines of desultory conversation. It is a world requiring vigilance.

Now the challenge. How do you live in a combo and still live wise, sifting effervescence or bubbles from enduring features of life? does not have the answers. We only throw up ideas. Some people may make sense out of it. Some of the ideas may seem outrightly ‘foolish’ depending on your tending. But the fact is the awareness of such issues could help one to think even reflect. By so doing the brain remains active and could work out something good for yourself or others. The tenor though is for the youths.

How does it touch on the applaud for the man you never knew?

The year is ending and a new one is coming.

What has been your activity?

Have you been immersed in seeking open recognition and praise? Sometimes what is seen in the social media becomes a shame. The way praise and recognition are sought equals ‘Devils sort’. An old man would say he loathes when an adult shows the same lack of restraint for food in another man’s plate like a baby! He would feel like throwing …p.

Cheering is good. Working for recognition is part of Maslow’s psycho- thesis. It encourages us to move on. But think of the applaud for the man you never knew. This comes as a result of his good work (activity), not praise from a paid musical band or rented crowd. Think about the work you are doing now that will attract from afar and wide ashes of recognition like the harmattan dust that travels a long distance and settles on the roof of your house without anybody forcing it down. It is an old way. But it still works and lasts.

What kind of work will earn you quiet praise? We leave you to contemplate “applaud for a man or a woman you never knew” as the year sings its final song – nun dimitis.